National Insurance Name Change

National Insurance Name Change

National Insurance Name Change

When changing names ensure HMRC is notified. Any changes to your personal details can be updated online and will be passed onto a number of government departments, including the National Insurance Contributions Office.

Even if you are registered for PAYE tax and have notified your employer, you still need to notify HMRC of any changes to your personal information.  While updating your name, you may also update address, marital status and range of other information. (cont...)


To inform HMRC of changes to your personal situation, complete the online form here. You need to provide identifying information, such as . You can find further information about how to complete the form and what happens to your information on the HMRC website.

After your change is reported

After informing HMRC of your new name, National Insurance cards are not reissued as your NI number does not change. To reduce spending, NI no longer issue plastic cards. Future communication of NI information will be done via letter and will be addressed in your new name. You can continue to use your existing card as it is the number that links to your account, not the name on your card.

Need to change names anywhere else?

HMRC, along with your driving licence, should among the first places where you change names. Next, it's up to you to get all your accounts and memberships changed into your new name. As companies have a range of name change procedures, you may be asked to send a letter, a fax, return a form or visit an office in person. To find out what companies you need to change names with, click the button below.


Regardless of your reason for changing names, you must notify HMRC of the change. Your national insurance number won't change, but your details will be updated.

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