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4 in 5 newlywed couples experience a name change. Help them navigate this complex task while driving revenue!


It only takes a few minutes to join! Our marketing team will recommend a customized strategy to present name change to your customers and work with you to develop a campaign. Our 3 most popular affiliate strategies are below.

  1. Add to checkout. Sell our products on your site. We can auto-register your customers on checkout. Gift cards are recommended for smaller businesses.
  2. Blog Posts. We can provide content for your customers in a blog post, unique to your site.
  3. Email & text campaigns. Newlyweds are hungry for name change information in the week following their wedding. Help them out with well-timed tips and your affiliate links.

We pay between 20 - 50% commission
depending on monthly sales volumes


All new members get 10 FREE Easy Name Change gift cards, valued at $390! Log in each year for another 10 free gift cards. Click the button to join and learn more about how we can support your business.

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Our $39 print-at-home kit is free all throughout the Wedding MBA show!

  1. Visit
  2. Enter code WEDDINGMBA to skip checkout (valid till midnight, Nov 9)
  3. Build kit and click ‘Finalize & send’ to receive your FREE name change kit!

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4 out of 5 customers recommend Easy Name Change!

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Easy Name Change is a husband & wife team, here at the Wedding MBA! We usually live in Australia, so please contact us before we leave on Friday Nov 10!

Call Gen on (305) 459 3124. Any time this week. All other weeks, call after 3pm (Pacific Time)

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