Money Back Guarantee

Easy Name Change offers all customers a 100% refund if they are not satisfied with our name change kit. Premium kit customers can only get a full refund if the request is received before the kit ships. Refunds must be requested within 60 days. Refunds are only made back into the same account from which you paid (ie; PayPal sales will only be refunded into that same PayPal account). Follow these simple steps.

  1. Using the email account you registered with, forward any email you have received from Easy Name Change to This is essential so that we can locate your order history.
  2. You MUST explain the reason for not being satisfied with your Easy Name Change kit, so that we can improve our service for other customers

Print and Post (premium) kit refunds

You are welcome to retain your hard copy kit, less a $20 charge for P&H. We only provide a full refund if we receive the request before your kit has shipped. Once your kit has shipped a non-refundable postage and handling charge applies. Please note that in many cases printed kits are shipped the same day, so this is a limited time window. 

We may need proof of payment

We may request proof of payment. If so you may be required to provide any one of the proofs below;


  • purchase confirmation email from PayPal, OR
  • the email address linked to the PayPal account and date purchased.

Credit card;

  • the purchase confirmation email sent from our merchant, OR
  • a screenshot of ONLY the line item from your statement. It should show the purchase date, our company name and payment amount. Also provide the last 4 digits of the card number used. We will never ask for your full credit card number or expiry date.

Please note that our refund policy does not apply to gift cards. Companies’ name change procedures are constantly changing, so we encourage you to use your kit within 60 days. Occasionally name change requests are rejected when following the procedures in one of our kits that was purchased more than 60 days ago.