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Marriage Name Change
Marriage Name Change more
Divorce Name Change
Divorce Name Change
  • How to Change Names After Divorce

    If you've divorced then you have all the documents needed to start changing names, you can get your paperwork sorted in just minutes.

  • Divorce Decree

    A divorce order from the court is essential to changing names. While it helps to have it accompanied with an order restoring your new name, it's not essential.

  • Divorce Name Change - Passport

    Once your divorce order is granted by the court, you're free to change names everywhere. Updating government photo ID, such as your passport, helps.

Legal Name Change
Legal Name Change
  • How to Legally Change Names

    You can be known by any name, but to get identification and records changed you need a court order.

  • Legal Name Change Cost

    Legal name change orders are managed at a state level. Turnaround times and filing fees vary significantly.

  • How to Change a Child's Name

    This process is managed by your county court. We provide general information to get started on your child's name change.

Name Change Checklist
Name Change Checklist
  • Passport Name Change

    There’s a number of different forms, so be sure to complete the correct one based on your name change situation.

  • IRS Name Change

    IRS don’t need to be notified of name changes as records are pulled from the SSA. However there are some other considerations.

  • Driver's License Name Change

    Be prepared for a lengthy wait and pack a suitcase of documents. Many state DMV’s can make changing names a challenging process.


Married? Divorced? Legal name change by court order?

Whatever your reason for changing names, we can help you save hours.

Some companies may need you to visit a branch, send a letter, a fax, call in or complete a form. Whatever the procedure, we tell you in detail and provide any corresponding paperwork. No guess work, no research required.

We provide comprehensive name change procedures and paperwork for hundreds of organizations, including government agencies, banks, communications providers, loyalty clubs and more. And if you're not happy for any reason, expect a full refund.