Changing Names? Use our Custom Checklist Generator!

Congratulations on your marriage! If you’ve decided to change names the process can feel overwhelming. The good news is that the only proof you need of your new name is your marriage certificate. There’s no ‘registration’ of your new name, simply start using it!

Who do I need to notify?

Newlyweds have anywhere from 10 to over 50 different companies to notify. And just when you think you’ve completed your name change, BAM! There’s another company you forgot to include. Our checklist creator is the most comprehensive free checklist available anywhere!  Easily sort through 1,000+ organizations across 12 different categories. We make it easy to pick which ones you need to notify, then we email your unique and beautifully created personalized checklist so you know EXACTLY which companies to notify and can keep track of your progress.

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Are records linked?

A small number of agencies link records from the SSA, including the IRS and Medicare. State DMVs will pull your SSA record so they can match the name on your replacement driver’s license, but on DMV’s end, the change is not automatic. All state DMVs require you to attend a branch in person so they can witness your signature, take a photo and (of course) collect the duplicate license fee. The SSA and some state DMVs have a special form to complete.

No other records are linked, so you need to spend most of a day getting in contact with each company on your checklist to learn what to do, what to include and where to send. What a HEADACHE!! The typical newlywed has 24 companies to notify. Allowing 20 minutes per company, it will take 8 hours to do all the research and paperwork. HELP! This is where we come in….

Want to save 8 hours?


Get detailed filing instructions for 1,000 US organizations – no wasted time on hold! Get ready to send forms, letters and emails for any companies that allow name change requests in writing. Get an entire day of your life back! Kits start at just $35 and have a 60 day money-back guarantee!