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Divorce Name Change

Getting your name back just got a whole lot easier

If you've already divorced you can start changing names. You may have asked the judge for an order to restore your former name, which is the easiest way forward. Just show this to any company where you need to change names for your prior name to be reinstated.

Divorced, but don't have a name change order?

You can still revert to your prior name with just a divorce order, but you'll need to show a number of other documents proving the link between your old and new names. Start by updating social security, then you 'll be able to get your state license or photo ID updated too.


If you've separated or want to change names without being divorced it's a lot more tricky. You can't just unassume your husband's name. It's best to wait until your divorce is in the court or else you need a legal name change order.


We explain how to change names after divorce, how to get your passport updated, even if you don't have a legal name change order. Check our articles on the right for more information.

Get your name updated everywhere

Your name change order is just half of it. We'll help you get all your ID, accounts and memberships moved back into your former name. Just got government agencies to notify? Check out our basic kit. Got a stack of other organizations to inform? Our personalized kit takes care of all the research and paperwork so you don't need to wait on hold. Save hours or your money back.