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Changing Your Name After Divorce?

Remember the time it took to change names when you were married? Be done with weeks of hassle and paperwork with our ready to send name change forms! Start using your previous name in just 15 minutes!

Maybe you’ve already got your head around the divorce name change process, but have a more specific question? Check our divorce name change knowledge center for more detailed information! Here we explain the 6 key steps to reclaim your name.

Tricky questions? Check our divorce knowledge center below!

The court will ask if you want to go back to your former name during the divorce process. It’s important you say yes so that the court issues the correct paperwork, even if you’re not certain that you will change names immediately. You may be issued with an order restoring your former name or your divorce decree will list both your married and former names. Either document may be used as proof of your new name. 

We explain what to do if your divorce didn’t include a name change.

Not everyone wants their old name back! Maybe you fancy a different surname.

Our name change kit will save you hours of boring research and tedious paperwork and shave weeks off your name change! Simply choose which companies you need to update and get step by step instructions for each company along with ready to send forms, letters and emails. Start here

Sure, you can save a few bucks by doing your own research and preparing all the forms and notifications. Allow about 20 minutes per company. If you have 25 places to notify that’s an extra 8 hours. There’s likely to be a few more companies you’ve forgotten, so check out our list of suggested companies.

No matter which way you go, you’ll need to visit the DMV and some banks in person because these companies want to witness your new signature and possibly take a photo.

File the SSA name change form. We provide the form in your name change kit or get it from the SSA website. You can send it by mail, but most people prefer to file in person because they don’t want to mail original identification documents. You need to provide proof of name change (court order or divorce decree) and proof of identity (state or federal photo ID). You may also need to prove citizenship if not already noted on your file (birth certificate or US passport).

Allow 2 full days for the SSA to process the name change so that it is visible to other agencies. Then you can visit your state DMV for updated photo ID.

All state DMVs require you to visit in person and show your original divorce decree or name change order along with your current license. Our instructions provide links for booking an appointment, if your state allows this. If you are upgrading to REAL ID or can’t show your current license then you will need additional proof documents. We provide your state DMV name change form, if they have one, as well as duplicate license fees.

It’s recommended you keep some copies of your old license in your married name, as a small number of companies ask for photo ID in both your married and former names.

No name change kit can save you from having to visit the DMV in person. That’s because the DMV wants to witness and record your original signature, sight original proof documents and may take a new photo.

Here’s where the name change process starts to become more time consuming, as financial instructions have a wide range of various policies for name change. Easy Name Change customers will save time calling their bank and waiting on hold to verify the process. We provide any necessary paperwork and proof requirements for your chosen companies!

While each financial institution is different, most need you to visit any of their branches to get your name updated. They want to sight either your original proof of name change and some need updated photo ID. There are a small number of financial institutions that allow you to send in a form or letter, which we provide.

Our customers have an average of 24 places to notify, so you’ve only just started. This is where you have a heavy investment of time because each company has a different policy. Maybe you need to send in a form, or write a letter or email. What proof do you include? Where do you send it? Or maybe you need to upload proof online?

All the research and paperwork takes an average of 8 hours. Use an Easy Name Change kit to get everything you need in just 10 minutes. Then it’s simply a matter of following our instructions and sending off the forms, letters and emails! All paperwork is personalized, so simply attach the proof listed and send!

Companies to notify includes passport, insurance (health, home, contents, life, auto, pet), rewards (travel, shopping), digital (Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Google, AfterPay), professional (health board, CPA, teachers), communications (cell, internet, TV), utilities (gas, power, water), mortgage, investments, alumni, workplaces and more.


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Divorce Name Change

If you’re divorced then you may already have all the documents needed to start changing names! Each company has a different process, but we’ll help get your paperwork sorted in just minutes. MORE

The SSA allows you to revert to your prior name after divorce. It’s preferred you have an order restoring your former name or a divorce order listing both names. If not, you can show additional documents. MORE

Having a court issued name change order is the simplest way to change names. It’s still possible to change names without this but the process can be tricky.

Unlike changing names from marriage, reverting to your former name without being divorced can be difficult. It requires a separate legal proceeding and is best avoided if you’re in the process of divorcing. MORE
There’s different forms to complete depending when your passport was issued and if you have a court order. If you have an order restoring your former name and your passport was issued more than a year ago, complete form DS-82. MORE

Short on funds and need a hand? Build your custom name change checklist and choose your organizations from our extensive database! Be sure you have all the places you need and keep track of your progress.  START