Legal Name Change

Answers to the most common legal name change questions

If you're not changing names from marriage or divorce, you need a legal name change order. This can only be granted by the court and fees vary greatly between states.

Do I need a legal name change?

By law you can be known by any name of your choosing. Just introduce yourself by your preferred name and have people refer to you by that name. If you want a name other than the one on your birth or marriage certificate to be on your legal documents, such as passport, drivers license and bank accounts, then you need a legal name change.

How do I legally change names?

You must apply at the court where you reside, pay a filing fee and wait for a hearing date. The exact process is different for each state. We explain more about how to legally change names here.

How do I get my records updated?

Easy Name Change is a notification service. Our name change notification database helps allows you to select which companies you want to change names with, then provides ready to send forms and letters. No waiting on hold, writing letters or waiting for forms to be delivered. Our kits will save you hours or your money back.

How can Easy Name Change help?

Our kits have hard to find name change forms and procedures for all US states including federal and state agencies and hundreds of companies. We'll provide you with the correct form and all your letters and faxes for each company. All our paperwork is personalized so you can just sign and send! Kits start from just $0 and have a money back guarantee, so you're sure to save hours.

Are you a non-citizen? Want to know how long it takes and costs? Just read our articles on the right for more information.

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