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Free Name Change Checklist

No matter if you're changing names from marriage, reverting to your former name or legally changing names, it's up to you to get all your accounts, memberships and identification moved over into your new name.

Already have proof of your new name? Then you're ready to hit the ground running with our FREE customizable name change checklist! Click the button below to choose your companies. We'll create a beautiful checklist that's uniquely created just you! We probably have a number of companies in our database that you have not even thought about!


What order do I change names in?

Whatever the reason for changing names, everyone needs to follow the same process. Start by updating your name with the SSA. Once the SSA confirms the change, attend your state DMV in person. We can provide forms for the SSA and also for your state DMV, if they have one. We also let you know the duplicate license fee for your state.

Show your proof of name change (marriage certificate or court order) and updated photo ID to get bank accounts changed over. Most banks need you to visit in person. A few have special forms or allow you to send in a letter. We provide the exact procedure for your bank in any of our name change kits.

Once SSA, DMV and your financial institutions have been updated you can go onto change names everywhere else. This is the really time-consuming part of a DIY name change as there can be anywhere from 12 to over 40 other places you need to get in contact with and learn the process. It takes about 20 minutes per company to research the name change process, then write any necessary letters, emails or complete special forms. Allow about 8 hours!

If you have better things to do, create your Easy Name Change kit in just 1 minutes. Get researched filing instructions for over 1,000 US organizations along with ready to send forms, letters and emails! Just attach your proof of name change, sign and send!


What proof do I need?

You must have proof of your name change before any records can be updated. If you are taking one of the one of the standard married name options, then you only need your marriage certificate.

If you are divorced, you can proceed with reclaiming your former name no matter what situation you are in.

Ideally you requested a court order restoring your former name as part of your divorce proceedings. If no you didn't get this order, you may still be able to proceed with only your divorce absolute.

If you have not yet filed for a legal name change you'll need to file a petition with your clerk of court. Fees and processing times vary significantly between states.