Social Security Name Change

No matter what your reason for changing names, the first step is updating social security. Agencies such as the IRS, DMV and US Passports will only change your name to match what is currently on file with the SSA.

There is no fee to change names with the SSA. Complete form SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card. Most applicants will be eligible to complete the form online, in which case less proof of identity documents are required later. Applicants will be explained what proof documents are needed when compelting the online form. If you are not eligible or prefer not to use the online form then complete the paper form included in your kit and show full evidence of identity documents as listed on the form.

No matter how you file, a number of original identification documents need to be signed by SSA staff. Although you may file and send original identification documents by mail, most customers prefer to attend an SSA location in person so your identification can be verified and documents returned on the spot. The SSA prefers not to receive original identification documents by mail.

All applicants should show one primary identification document, which could be a US driver’s license, state-issued non-driver ID card or US passport.  Also take original proof of your name change, such as your marriage certificate or court order. If the SSA does not have proof of citizenship on file then you will need to provide additional documents. Click here for the full list of accepted documents.

Changes made with the SSA are visible to other agencies within 3 working days. You will receive a new social security card, however your social security number does not change.


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