Free Name Change Checklist

Free Name Change Checklist

Free Name Change Checklist

Need to make a list of all the places to contact for your name change? To get you started we’ve compiled a detailed name change checklist for you to customize. Download this as a word doc at the bottom of the page and use it to track your progress.

Priority Name Changes (in order)

1. Get your original marriage certificate from the county registrar. You can also order from most state Vital Statistics offices, but some state offices may have longer processing times.

2. Change names with the SSA. Our kits provide you with the form personalized and ready to send!

3. Visit the DMV to get your license updated in person. Most states charge a nominal fee, so be prepared with multiple payment options. Most states allow you to update your vehicle title and registration at the same time.

4. Bank accounts. Most banks with branch networks require you to visit in person so they can witness your new signature and sight your original marriage certificate.


All other name changes

5. Car insurance. This should be done as soon as possible after notifying the DMV

6. Passport. Hold this off if you have any pending international travel booked as the name on your tickets must match your passport. You must send your original marriage certificate so it can hold up other name changes. If you’re unlikely to book international travel for some time, you can push this back.

7. Credit cards. Contact the number on the back of your card for more info

8. Cell phone. If you have a post-paid account you should change names. There is often no need to update your name on a pre-paid account.

9. Pay TV, internet and home phone.

10. Home and contents insurance

11. Health insurance. This is usually managed by your employer. Contact the HR department to initiate the change.

12. Life insurance. If you don’t have life insurance, but have kids and a mortgage, you really should look into getting some!

13. Investments and shares

14. 401k, pension plans. Often through your workplace HR department.

15. Utilities. Water, Power, Gas.

16. Voter Registration. Post the National Registration form - no proof of name change is required.

17. Loyalty clubs. Both shopping and travel rewards.

18. Local clubs & associations. (eg: AAA, libraries, sports clubs, etc). Take updated photo ID as your name can usually be changed on your next visit.

19. Professional services. (health care professionals, accountants, lawyers). Change your name on your next visit. Proof is not usually required, but it’s a good idea to take your updated license or photo ID.

20. Professional organizations. CPA, bar association, nursing and teaching boards.

21. Alumni. High school, college, university

22. Your children’s school (if applicable)

23. Road toll accounts

24. Voicemail


Download our Free Name Change Checklist (doc)

Download our Free Name Change Checklist (pdf)


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