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Brides are increasingly choosing to use their maiden name as a middle name. So if you were Sarah Anne Jones and married Alex Jackson, your new name would be Sarah Anne Jones Jackson or Sarah Jones Jackson.

How to make your maiden name a middle name

As with all name changes, SSA records must be updated first. The SSA will allow your maiden name to become a middle name regardless of where you live. Then you should get other government records updated. Your passport will be in the same name as your new social security card. Even if your state allows this change, it's possible to have a hard time when updating your driver's license. You can receive all sorts of advice depending on who you speak to, so be patient. It's best to be persistent if you absolutely want to keep your maiden name.

More advice on making your maiden name a middle name is included in our Easy Name Change guide, which comes with all name change kits.

States where maiden to middle name is not possible

All but three states allow a bride's maiden name to become a middle name. Bad luck if you live in New Jersey, Ohio or Washington. While you will be able to get your maiden name recognized as a middle name on federal identification, state authorities, such as the DMV will not allow it. In such cases you would be required to get the name on your SSA record changed into a format allowed at a state level before the name can be changed on your license.

If you live in one of these states and are insistent on your maiden name becoming a middle name you must successfully file for a legal name change with the county court. The exact process and cost varies between states, but you can generally expect it to take 2-3 months and cost between $250 and $500 in total. See our dedicated section on how to legally change names.

Some states allow you to move your maiden name to become a middle name but you are required to have updated ID in your preferred name first, so your DMV name change should be done last. Check your state DMV's name change laws, explained in your personalized checklist, to learn more. Checklists are included in all Easy Name Change kits. 

Ready to start changing names now?

You can start using your preferred name immediately after your wedding ceremony. To start updating your accounts and ID you only need your marriage certificate. Let us send detailed name change procedures and virtually all the paperwork you need. We have full name change information and forms for hundreds of US organisations. Our kits are guaranteed to save hours or your money back! Get started below - it's free to see who we cover as part of our no surprises name change kit.