3 Married Name Change Tips

Congratulations! If you’re reading this then chances are you just got hitched and now you are thinking about changing your name. We’ve helped over half a million people change names since 2008, so we’re here to make your name change as simple as possible with our top 3 tips.

1. You need a GREAT checklist

Not just any old checklist, but the most comprehensive one possible. There’s nothing more annoying than wrapping up your name change, only to see your old name pop up in surprising places for the next few months! If you purchase our kit, we’ll step you through all possible companies, broken up into 13 different categories so it’s easy to navigate. Check off the ones you need and we custom create the most detailed checklist possible. When you print it out (or when we mail it to you), it has the company name, the researched name change procedure and the company’s contact details. Short on a dollar? You can use our free checklist instead. Or spend some time to make your own.

2. Complete the research before doing any paperwork

Photocopies, notarized copies, scanned copies, updated driver’s licence, photo ID in your old name. How many copies of each? Where do I send it? Don’t get caught running around in circles. We recommend completing all your research first. That means contacting or researching each.. and… EVERY… company to learn what’s needed. Allow about 3 hours if you have 20+ companies. (Easy Name Change customers can just check the enclosure notes on each notification for what’s needed). From here, make a list of exactly how many copies you need for each identification and any special requirements. That way you only need to visit the notary once.

3. Knock it out now

Once you start, keep at it until it’s done. You want to see the end of this thankless task and get on with your new life. It’s also important all your accounts and identification are consistently under the same name so you won’t have problems proving your identity. Here’s the timeline, no matter if you do it yourself or skip the hassle with our kit.

  • Aim to get all your research done in one week (skip this with our kit!)
  • Allow a day or two to get all the in-person visits checked off (honestly, this is the biggest pain! No name change kit can save you from in-person visits where your signature is to be witnessed)
  • Finally, allow a few hours to write your letters, and emails then fill in forms (or we do this for you instantly!)

Need more tips? Honestly, we could talk about name change all day long! Scroll down for more hard to find information.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

When should you delay your name change? If you have pending international travel in your pre-married name or if you are applying for credit, like a mortgage or car loan. Ask us for more information.

ADHD and Anxiety. Some customers tell us it’s taken years to get their name changed as it was a mentally overwhelming task. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of paperwork then we encourage you to purchase an Easy Name Change kit as it’s the best way to get started. If you don’t use it or for any reason or you did not like our experience for any reason whatsoever, just contact us for a full refund within 60 days.

Is there a special name change filing? No special filing. Some states require you to state your chosen married name on your wedding license, then it appears on your wedding certificate. Other states allow the standard name change choices without having to nominate your future name. Either way, the only proof needed to start is the official marriage certificate. Ask the person conducting the ceremony if the certificate will be sent, or you may need to order it from your local clerk of court. Religious certificates may be accepted in most places, but are not universally accepted.

Ready to change your name now?