Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Name Change

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union customers should update the name on their account soon as possible after changing names. Otherwise customers may experience issues when cashing checks in a name that is different from what’s on file with Affinity Plus.

You will need to show updated photo ID as well as original proof of your name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order. Attend any Affinity Plus CU location in person with these documents. You can’t change names by mail.

As you need to show photo ID in your new name, you will first need to notify the SSA of your name change. Once you have proof your name has changed with the SSA you can go to your DMV to change names on your driver’s licence or non-driver ID card. You must update the SSA first as the DMV will pull records from the SSA and only allow the exact same name on your driver’s licence.

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