Betterment Banking Name Change

Betterment Banking makes changing names about as simple as possible! Easy Name Change customers can simply send the ready to forward email. Attach a copy of your updated photo ID and proof of name change.

Our service provides ready to send forms, letters and emails for hundreds of companies. Simply choose which organizations you need to notify and we will provide personalized notifications. Simply attach the proof listed on each notification and send! You’ll save hours on hold, waiting to confirm addresses and learn what proof each company needs. For any companies that don’t allow name changes to be sent in writing, we’ll let you know what to do so you don’t waste time on hold.


Before you notify Betterment Banking of your new name, you’ll first need to update your name with the SSA then apply for new photo ID. We provide the forms and filing procedures for all these companies. It’s important that your banks are the next organizations notified after you get photo ID as it can cause issues where you have checks in a differnt name from your ID. Once you’ve updated the SSA, photo ID and your banks ther’s no special order to the rest. Simply send off your Easy Name Change notifications and be sure to read the instructions provided for each company.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Ready to change your name now?