Fifth Third Bank Name Change

No matter if you have changed names from marriage, divorce or legally, all Fifth Third bank customers should attend any branch location in person to update their name. Take your original proof of name change and updated photo ID.

What order should I change names in?

There is a certain order to update your records because you need to have photo ID in your new name before you can change bank accounts. All people changing names should first apply to the SSA for their name change. We provide the SSA name change form as part of our kit, or else get this directly from the SSA. Wait for a few days for your updated SSA record to be available to other agencies, then attend your state DMV in person. Some states have special forms which we can also provide in your pack.


What other companies do I need to notify?

Our customers typically have from 8 to over 40 different organizations they need to inform of their new name. It takes about 20 minutes per company to call around, learn the process, look for forms and complete any necessary paperwork. Easy Name Change cuts this down from an 8 hour process to only 10 minutes. Browse our database of over 1,000 organizations then receive personalized and ready to send forms, letters and emails.

Got a spare day to wait on hold and fill out forms? Then get a head start with our personalized checklist. Browse all the same organizations that are in our database, then get a customized list so you know which organizations to notify and keep track of your progress.

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