Fulton Bank Name Change

Fulton Bank customers should visit any branch location in person to change names. Take your original marriage certificate, divorce order or name change order. You’ll also need to provided updated photo ID, so plan your trip to the DMV first.

How do I get updated photo ID?

Most financial institutions need to see that you have started using your new name, so they may ask for updated photo ID. This helps keep your account secure. No matter what state you live in, driver licenses must be updated in person so a new photo can be taken and your new signature witnessed. Some states have special forms which we can provide. Be sure you have updated your name with the SSA first as the DMV will only allow a name that matches.

Get personalized forms

Got better things to do than look for name change forms? Let us create ready to send paperwork for your state DMV, the SSA, utilities, insurance companies, reward programs and more. No time wasted on hold searching for information or mindlessly completing forms and writing letters. It only takes 10 minutes to get ready to send forms, letters and emails. Choose from over 1,000 organizations!

Want to do it yourself?

Got time and the patience of a saint? Then you’ll need to call around to the 20 or so places where you have an account, membership or ID to learn the name change process. Each company is different – some have a form, others may let you send an email or you need to something different entirely!

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Use our FREE checklist creator to choose which companies you will need to notify. Easily navigate the 14 different categories of companies and browse our database of over 1,000 listings. We’ll email your unique and beautifully prepared checklist so you don’t miss any places. It’s a great way to keep all your information together and progress through your name change.

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