HSBC Bank Name Change

Like most financial institutions, you can’t change names with HSBC Bank until you have updated photo ID. Follow our pro-tips for a smooth name change experience;


  1. To save the most time, get ready to send name change forms for all organizations on your list that need letters, forms or emails to be sent in. If you want to save a few bucks, then set aside 8 hours for your own research and to fill in teeny tiny boxes on repetitive forms, if you can find the right ones.
  2. Get the SSA name change form and file in person at the SSA. Yes, you can file by mail but most people don’t want to send their original marriage certificate or court order and photo ID by mail. If you file in person you’ll have the change processed on the spot and can then visit the DMV a few days later.
  3. Wait 2-3 working days then visit your DMV to get updated photo ID. Your state may have a form. If so, we provide it in your Easy Name Change pack. Read our instructions to know what supporting documents to take into the DMV. Most states send updated licenses by mail within 6 weeks.
  4. Hooray! Now you can change names with HSBC bank. No name change kit can save you from having to visit a few places in person. The bank wants to look at your original marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order along with your new photo ID then witness your signature.
  5. Follow the instructions in your Easy Name Change checklist then send everything off – Done!
  6. Oh no… Did you decide you’d rather spend all day doing this yourself? So make the list with the other 10 or 20 places you need to update. Electricity, passport, insurances, travel and shopping rewards, credit cards. Allow 20 minutes per company to do all the research and write all your letters and forms. Be sure you know what proof each company needs and where to send it.

Ready to change your name now?