Intercredit Bank Name Change

Intercredit Bank customers should update the name on their accounts as soon as possible after receiving updated photo ID. Otherwise you may experience issues cashing checks in a different name.

The fastest way to change names is with an Easy Name Change kit. You’ll get ready to send name change forms, letters and emails where possible. Then for companies where you need to visit in person, like Intercredit, the DMV or SSA, we provide step-by-step procedures and let you know what proof to take so you don’t waste hours on hold.


There’s a special order for updating records…

  1. File the SSA name change form in person at any SSA location or file by mail. Because the SSA wants to see original primary identification and your proof of name change, most people decide to file by mail then they don’t have the nervous wait of getting these documents back by mail.
  2. Wait a few days for the SSA name change to be visible to the DMV, then take the documents listed to the Florida DMV.
  3. Wait for your updated photo ID to be issued, then attend Intercredit bank in person.
  4. Send off all your Easy Name Change letters and forms
  5. Follow the instructions in your personalized checklist for any places where you need to call, visit or log into your account
  6. Didn’t purchase an Easy Name Change kit? Then make a list of the remaining 10 or 20 places you need to notify. Contact each one to verify their name change process. Then spend some time filling in their forms, writing letters and sending emails. Did you get their mailing address or email and check what proof to send? Allow 20 minutes per company, so if you have 25 companies this takes 8 hours.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Ready to change your name now?