Kemba Credit Union Name Change

Kemba Credit Union customers need to visit any branch in-person to request the name on their account is changed. You need to show updated photo ID and the original document proving your name change (eg: marraige certificate, court order, divorce decree).

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You probably already know that all name changes need to start with a visit to the SSA to get your name updated so that it’s visible to other agencies, but what about the process for your electricity, insurance, titles, pay TV, credit cards and the rest? Some companies have forms and others need you to send a letter or email. It takes hours to do the research, only to spend the rest of the day completing paperwork. Easy Name Change can take care of all your research and paperwork. Choose your companies from our extensive database and we’ll provide fully researched procedures plus all corresponding paperwork! In most cases you can just attach your proof of name change and send!


Kemba needs updated photo ID

Before you visit a Kemba branch, file the SSA name change form in person at any SSA office. You can file by mail, but it’s not ideal because you need to provide original primary ID and proof of name change. Go in person and get your name change processed on the spot. Wait a few days for the updated SSA record to be visible to DMV staff then attend your state DMV in person. If your state has a special name change form, we provide it along with the SSA name change form.

Follow the instructions we provide for each company and send off all remaining name change forms, letters and emails. We explain which accounts to log into and where to upload your proof of name change, so there’s no time wasted navigating through websites figuring it all out.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

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