Navy Federal Credit Union Name Change

Want to change names on your Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU account? Send in the NFCU name change form. If you are only changing your last name then send with 2 supporting documents. If you are also changing your given name/s you will need a third proof document.

NFCU makes it easy to change names and allows you to send in the form by email, post, fax or you may file in person. As you need updated state or government photo ID, you will need to first change names with the SSA and also your state DMV.

No matter what your reason for changing names, you’ll need anywhere from 2 to 5 different forms and our average customer has an extra 10 letters or emails to send. It takes hours to contact each of your companies, learn their process, get their correspondence address and find out what proof you need. Then you need to write a bunch of letters, emails and complete forms. Easy Name Change reduces this from an 8 hour chore to a 15 minute online process. In just a few clicks you can have instructions for all your companies, plus ready-to-send notifications.

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