PNC Bank Name Change

There’s a few steps to take before you can update your name with PNC Bank. No matter what your reason for changing names, be sure you start by filing the SSA name change form. Our name change kit provides you with a ready-to-file form. Although you can file by mail, most customers choose to file in person so that they can provide original identification documents on the spot.

The SSA name change is processed immediately, however it can take a few days for the updated name to be visible to other agencies, like the DMV. When you’re ready, head to your local DMV for updated photo ID. Our name change kit explains the procedure for your state DMV, including what supporting documents to take, any duplicate fees payable and we even provide a ready-to-file form, if your state has one.


Now you’re ready to change names with PNC bank! Take your updated photo ID and proof of name change into any PNC bank locaiton (that’s your marriage certificate or court order). There is no form to fill in. Bank staff will make a copy of your supporting documents and witness your new signature. They will also arrange new checkbooks and debit/credit cards.

See how much time we can save you!

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