SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Name Change

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union gives customers some choice when it comes to changing names. You can send in the name change form or front up at any location to get your name change processed on the spot. Before you can change names with SchoolsFirst, you’ll need an updated photo ID. Follow our tips for the fastest name change possible.

Are you changing names from marriage, divorce or legally? Then you need proof of your new name, which is either a marriage certificate, a divorce order or a court order. Chances are you’ll have anywhere from 8 to over 40 different organizations to notify and they all have different processes.

Buy a name change kit
You can do it all yourself, but it takes weeks to contact all the necessary companies, find out of they have a form, learn the process, write letters and work out what goes where. Get a quality kit with a money-back guarantee then you can save hours of time and many future headaches totally risk-free.


Change names with the SSA. This is the first step for everyone, no matter what their story. We provide the SSA name change form in your kit. You can file by mail, but most people don’t want to post original identification documents and choose to file in person at the SSA.

Get updated photo ID. A lot of credit unions and banks need updated photo ID. That way they know for sure you have updated the SSA and are using your new name. Head over to the DMV and take a number. If your state has a form we provide it. We also provide other essential info for your state, like supporting documents needed, duplicate fees and if you can make an appointment time ahead.

File the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union form. It’s included in your Easy Name Change kit. Simply sign and send. If you prefer, attand a SchoolsFirst location and file in person.

Send off Easy Name Change forms, letters and emails. This is the fastest part of your name change and where you save the most time! No waiting on hold, writing letters or completing forms. We have done it all for you!

Follow instructions for other companies. Not everyone wants paperwork! We let you know which companies want you to call or how to log into various accounts to make or request the change online and where to upload proof.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Ready to change your name now?