Synovus Name Change

If you hold a checking or savings account with Synovus then update your account information soon after your name change. It can be embarrassing to have a problem when you cash a check in a different name and your identification does not match.

Before you can attend a Synovus branch, you need to update a few records first as you need to show your name has changed in other places:


  1. Get your SSA updated and wait for proof that your name has been changed. You’ll need to send in the SSA name change form, which we provide in our pack.
  2. Attend the DMV in person. If your state has a form we provide it. We also explain any duplicate fees and other documents that may be needed.
  3. Once you have proof of your name change with SSA (either a letter or an updated SSA card) and updated photo ID, you’re ready to head off to the bank! Synovus also requires your original proof of name change (eg: marriage certificate or court order). Your name change is processed on the spot and you’ll be sent a new checkbook and/or credit and ATM cards.
  4. From here it does not matter what order you change your name in. Send off all the letters, forms and emails we provide for the remaining companies, such as electricity, water, insurance (home, life, health, home, etc), investments, professional associations, passport, travel rewards, loyalty clubs and more. Where companies don’t require notice in writing (like most digital subscriptions), follow our instructions to access hard-to-find settings, upload portals or chat features where you can update your name or send in proof.

Easy Name Change provides ready to send name change forms, letters and emails for all the necessary companies. You’ll save yourself a mountain of administration that’s usually spread over a few weeks. Get all your name change notifications in just 15 minutes, then sign and send!

See how much time we can save you!

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