Updating accounts after legally changing names

Congratulations on your new name! If you’re reading this then chances are you have already applied for a legal name change with Vital Statistics and are now wondering what next?

You’ll either be issued with a legal name change certificate or an amended birth certificate, listing both your former and new legal names. Either document is accepted throughout Canada as evidence of your new name. From here you are required to get your identification, accounts and records changed over to your new legal name within a ‘reasonable time’. For some people, this will take months! For Easy Name Change customers it usually only takes a week or two.

Getting records updated is so time-consuming because there’s each company has a different process to follow and organizations do not share your details. The account owner must place the name change request with each and every organization separately. We make it easier by providing pre-filled company forms, so you can just attach your legal name change certificate and send! You also get researched company name change instructions, saving you hours of time wasted on hold and in online chats!

Don’t feel like spending a few extra bucks? We can still help with our free customized name change checklist! You can choose the dozens of companies from our extensive database and receive a beautiful, easy to follow custom name change checklist, listing each of your organizations! You’ll still need to contact each company directly to learn their process, locate special name change forms, write letters, emails and figure out what goes where. But our checklist will make sure you don’t miss any of the important places!

Ready to change your name now?