Legal Name Change

No matter if you already have your legal name change certificate or if you’re yet to apply, we provide all the forms needed. Save WEEKS of research and paperwork and get all your accounts updated in record time!

How to legally change names

If your name change is not from marriage or divorce, then apply for a legal name change certificate from Vital Statistics in the province where you currently reside. We include application forms as part of your complete name change kit.

Already applied? Then you’re ready to send off our notifications! You can get all your paperwork delivered in less than 15 minutes! Start choosing your companies now!

Still looking for the right form or need more information? We provide the name change application form and all your company notifications in one pack! You really will save WEEKS of research and paperwork hell.

Legal name change is a 2 part process 
Getting your legal name change certificate is only half the job. Once issued it’s your responsibility to notify all the necessary organizations. That’s where Easy Name Change saves you from a monster administration nightmare spanning weeks or months!

Check our legal name change knowledge centre below!

A legal name change can include changing the order or spelling of your given name/s, adding or dropping a name, changing your only your surname or making changes to all your names.

You’ll need to provide a sound reason for changing names. If your name change is not offensive, misleading or against public interest then you can expect to have it approved. 

Legal name change fees are set by each provincial Vital Statistics office. Some provinces charge a flat fee for any type of legal name change, whereas others may have a separate form and fee structure just for just surname or just given name changes.

Check our breakdown of costs to understand the range of application fees, plus other charges that you can expect following your name change. 

All provinces follow much the same process. start by reading through the legal name change application form for your province. Determine that you’re eligible to apply, then send off the paper form with the required identification. You may need to submit a background check and fingerprinting. Some provinces require newspaper publication.

Once the legal name change certificate is issued begin the long and painful task of getting each account, identity document and membership changed over to your new name. Doing this yourself takes months!

Got better things to do? Let us provide your ready-to-send name change forms! Simply sign each notification, attach a copy of your legal name change certificate and BOOM! Name change done. Start here.

Getting a legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate is only half the work. It’s your responsibility to ensure all your identification, accounts and memberships are changed over to your new legal name within a reasonable time.

Easy Name Change will save you WEEKS of calling around, waiting on hold, looking for forms, writing letters and emails then figuring out what goes where. Get ready to send name change notifications in minutes! Attach your legal name change certificate and send! Start here!


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Legal Name Change

You can be known by any name you want, but to get identification and records changed you need a legal name change certificate. Fees and turnaround times vary between provinces. Once you have applied for your legal name change, use our service to update your name everywhere!

How do I legally change names?

The total cost varies depending on your province’s fee structure and requirements, like fingerprinting and publication. Expect to pay for a new passport. Companies won’t charge to update your name unless a new credential is issued.  

How much does it cost to legally change names?

If you’re legally entitled to permanently reside in Canada or a new citizen you can apply for a legal name change. There are special considerations for your name abroad, so read our dedicated information on name change for new and non-citizens.

Legal name change for new citizens and permanent residents

The defined age of a child and rules differ slightly by province. All parties with parental responsibility need to agree to the change. Easy Name Change kits are not suitable for children as they have few organizations to notify following a name change. 

How do I change a child’s name?

Once the legal name change is approved it’s your responsibility to get all your accounts, identification and memberships updated. No records are linked, so use our kit. Otherwise, it’s a massive undertaking to contact each organization directly and prepare your forms!

How do I update my accounts and records after a legal name change?

Forms and fees, fingerprinting and background checks are different for each province. Get our essential guide for legal name change in your province, plus access to the right forms.

Legal name change procedures – all provinces

Alberta legal name change  

BC legal name change 

Ontario legal name change

So your legal name change has been granted and now you’re ready to update all your companies. Don’t want to buy a kit? We can still help – browse our extensive database and check off which companies you need. We’ll email your FREE legal name change personalized checklist!