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Why are you changing names?

Married Name Change


Information Hub

Married Name Change

Congratulations! You can start using and signing your married name straight away! Get your records and accounts updated when you have your wedding certificate, which is usually available to order about 2 weeks later. Discover what married names you can take and what which companies to notify first. Not ready to change names yet?  Use our reminder service.

All you need is your marriage certificate. Some places must be updated in person, some need you to send a request in writing. We explain what to send where! 

Read how to change names after marriage

No matter where you were married, start by applying to your provincial authorities. Check our guide for married name change in your province!

ON married name change 

BC married name change

It’s not always as black and white as your surname or your spouse’s surname. You have a few more options. The same name change options are available to either spouse. 

What are my married name options?

Religious vs government marriage certificate? You may need to order your official certificate from Vital Statistics as not all organizations accept a religious certificate.

How can I order/reorder my marriage certificate?

Order your wedding certificate 1 to 2 weeks after the wedding, which allows time for the person who conducted the ceremony to file the completed wedding licence with your province Vital Statistics office. BC newlyweds automatically receive their wedding certificates. See our provincial guides to order your certificate.

ON marriage certificate       BC marriage certificate  

MB marriage certificate       NS marriage certificate

You’ve lived with this name your entire life and not ready to let go yet! You’ve got clients, friends and a reputation with this name. Is it OK to keep your former name in some places and use your married name in others? 

Can I change names but still use my maiden name at work?

There’s no credit provided for time remaining in your passport. Ensure all pending travel is completed, even if it means your passport is updated months after all your other records. 

How do I update my passport after marriage?

Foreign-issued marriage certificates are accepted if issued by a government authority. They must be in English or French or else have a translation.

How do I change names if I was married overseas?

Want to do your own name change research and paperwork? Create your beautiful & personalized married name change checklist with each company separately listed. We have companies you haven’t even thought about!

Access our FREE custom married name change checklist here!

Divorce & Revert to Former Name

Ready to ditch that name? We’re here to help! There’s no special registration of your new name – just start using it! We help get all your accounts and records updated FAST! Choose from over 750 Canadian organizations. Where one of our notifications say to include a copy of your ‘certificate’, we mean your divorce certificate (if already divorced) or otherwise provide your marriage and birth certificates. You can reorder these for a small fee if necessary.

If you’re divorced then you’ll already have all the documents needed! Slightly documents are needed if not already divorced. Each company has a different process, but we’ll help get your paperwork sorted in just minutes.

Learn how to change names after divorce or separation

You don’t need to be divorced or separated to go back to your former name! If your preferred name is printed on your Canadian birth or citizenship certificate then simply send our notifications and include the proof documents listed.

Going back to your former name without being divorced

The most popular choice is to return to your birth name, but this may not feel right for you! There are more options if you have been married more than once or you may want an entirely different name!

What are the options to go back to my former name? 

If you were born in Ontario you may have elected to update your birth certificate following marriage, so there may be an extra step in reclaiming your name. Check our guide for Ontario divorce and separation name change.

Each province can be a little different, so check our dedicated guide. You’ll need to get your MSP updated before your driver’s licence. Read our dedicated divorce and separation guide for BC.

Got a spare 8 hours to wait on hold, look for forms and write letters? Let us help you with our FREE name change checklist! Browse our database and choose the exact companies from our database of hundreds, conveniently broken into 16 categories like government, utilities, insurance, banking and more.

Build my FREE custom divorce name change checklist!

Information Hub

Do you have a tricky history of name changes? Maybe you were born overseas or live between 2 countries? Short on proof? We are the experts and have the answers! You can also access our FREE personalized name change checklist so you can do it yourself, and at the same time get an idea of how much time we could save you!

There are 2 parts to changing names. First, get a proof document, like your marriage, divorce or legal name change certificate. Next, send out your Easy Name Change notifications or set aside an extra 8 hours to do this yourself.

How do I change names?

There are a number of different ways to update the name linked to your SIN. Follow our instructions to change names online, by mail or in person. Most people choose online so you don’t have to mail original identity documents.  

How do I change the name on my SIN 

No matter where you live, you must visit your provincial licence-issuing centre to get your licence reissued in your new name. BC drivers must have their MSP updated first.  

Driver’s licence name change

Canadians residing abroad may find they can get most records updated but will likely have a few places that can’t be changed until returning to Canada. Your success depends on the policy of each organization where you hold an account, record or membership.  

Can I change names while residing outside of Canada?

Most provincial health cards have a special form to be mailed in, which we provide. Updated health cards can be used as proof when changing your Canadian passport. 

Provincial health card name change

See provincial guides:  Ontario health card     BC health card

Anyone with the right to permanently reside in Canada can change names from marriage, divorce or legally. We explain some considerations for your name abroad. 

Name change for new citizens and permanent residents

The process for electoral registrations differs between provinces, with some information automatically passed onto the agency and others maintaining birth names. You can search and add or change details yourself if needed. 

How to change names on your voter registration

Each kit is uniquely created for each customer, based on their selections from our database of over 750 companies! Save money by printing the forms and letters yourself, or save time with everything delivered. 

What’s the difference between your name change kits?

Not sure about your name change? Need information on the process, including proof documents, background checks or provincial fees? Check our name change guides:

Ontario name change guide  
BC name change guide
Alberta name change guide  

Short on cash? We’ll still save you hours! Browse our database and choose all the organizations you need. We’ll email you a beautiful, comprehensive and easy to follow checklist.

Make your FREE custom name change checklist

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Made changing my name so much easier having all info and documents together rather than running around trying to do and find everything. Was quick and great communication

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This service has saved me money in paying for unnecessary documentation when provided incorrect information by the passport office. They were also incredibly responsive to all questions and customer service and value for money was outstanding.

Kerstin S

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