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Free Name Change Information

Marriage name change options
marriage name change
Apply for your divorce name change
divorce name change
Apply for your legal name change
legal name change
name change questions & answers
name change questions

Marriage Name Change

  • Using Both Maiden and Married Names

    You can keep your maiden name at work, but legally change your name. Just watch out for a few common pitfalls.

  • How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

    Marriage certificates are essential for changing names and a range of other functions. We explain how and where to apply for your Canadian marriage certificate.

  • Ordering Your Ontario Marriage Certificate

    This is the only document needed to start changing names. Download the application form here or lodge online.

  • Married overseas

    Changing names after getting married abroad usually doesn't require any additional steps or documentation if you follow our advice.

  • Ontario Marriage Name Change

    Ontario offers a range of name change options to spouses after marriage. You can change surnames, add a surname to your existing name or leave as is.  We explain how to make it possible.

  • Ordering Your Nova Scotia Marriage Certificate

    Anyone married in Nova Scotia can apply for their marriage certificate from Vital Statistics. Download the application form here.

  • Ordering Your BC Marriage Certificate

    A marriage certificate is the only document needed as proof of your new name. You must have an original certificate issued from Vital Statistics to start.

  • Your Married Name Options

    There are generally 4 options available to both bride and groom. Combining your names can be tricky but we explain how to overcome any issues.

  • Changing Names after Marriage in BC

    BC allows brides fewer choices for marriage name change. We explain your options and how to change names after marriage.

  • Passport Name Change After Marriage

    If you've been married, apply for a new passport in your married name. We explain the process.

  • How To Change Names After Marriage

    The only official document required is your marriage certificate, then you can start notifying organisations of your new name.


Divorce Name Change

  • BC Divorce and Separation Name Change

    No matter if your divorced, separated or somewhere in between, we provide the paperwork, explain the process so you can reclaim your former name.

  • What Are My Divorce Name Options?

    Go back to your prior name at any time. You can also continue to be known by your married name. We explain the process of changing names.

  • Reverting To Your Maiden Name

    Your maiden name can be resumed at any time, you don't need to be divorced or even separated.  We explain how.

  • Ontario Divorce and Separation Name Change

    It's simple to revert to your prior name, regardless of your marital status. Simply start using your old name and send out our notifications.

  • How To Change Names After Divorce

    If you've been divorced it's a relativley simple process to revert to your prior name.  All you need is your divorce certificate and a bit of time to update your accounts.


Legal Name Change

  • How to Legally Change Names

    If you to be known by a different name, change the spelling or order of your names then you'll need to lodge a legal name change application.

  • Changing a Child's Name

    Children may take a new surname as parents divorce or marry, fix spelling mistakes on birth certificates or adopting a child. We explain the basics here.

  • Legal Name Change by Province

    Each province and territory has their own policies and requirements for legal name change, which is centralised and managed and by local government.

  • How to Legally Change Names in BC

    Changing the spelling or order of your names, adding or dropping a name, or getting a totally new name? It all requires a legal name change. We explain how.

  • Name Change for Non Citizens

    Canadian permanent residents can apply for a legal name change, however you should consider implications in your birth country.

  • How to Legally Change Names in Ontario

    If you’re not adding or removing your spouse’s surname, you need to apply for a legal name change. Download the application form here.

  • Alberta Legal Name Change

    If you want to be known by a name other than your birth or married name, you’ll need a legal name change. We explain the process.


Name Change Information

  • How to Change Names in Newfoundland & Labrador

    No matter if you change your name from marriage, revert to your prior name or legally change names, we can help get your records updated. 

  • BC Driver's License Name Change

    BC licenses must be updated in person. You need proof of name change. Download all your other name change paperwork here.

  • Name Change on Permanent Register of Electors

    The national permanent register of electors sources information throughout the year from a number of locations. You may proactively manage your enrolment too.

  • BC Care Card Name Change

    Change names on your BC Care Card as soon as possible. There’s a little paperwork required, and once you get your new card you can change names in other places.

  • How to Change Names in BC

    No matter your reason for changing names, we explain the documents you need and what process to follow.

  • Why Should I Use Easy Name Change

    See who we cover before you buy, and get all your money back if you're not happy! No other company makes name change so transparent and simple.

  • Ontario Driver's License Name Change

    There’s no fee to change names on your Ontario driver’s license. Just take these documents to any Service Ontario location. Need to change names in other places too?

  • Driver's License Name Change

    Ensure government issued photo ID is prioritized when changing names. You will often be asked to show this as proof of your name change.

  • Alberta Health Care Card Name Change

    Health Care Cards are an essential part of your identity as a Canadian, and to ensure you receive the health benefits you’re entitled to. Keep it up to date after changing names.

  • Which kit should I choose?

    Our personalized kits contain the same information. The hard copy kit is also printed and posted and comes complete with matching envelopes.

  • How to Change Names in Ontario

    There’s a number of ways to change names; it depends on your reason for changing. A legal name change is only required if you’re not taking or removing your spouse’s name from marriage.

  • How to Change Names in Ontario

    There’s a number of ways to change names; it depends on your reason for changing. A legal name change is only required if you’re not taking or removing your spouse’s name from marriage.

  • When should I Change Names?

    Whilst it is common for married name change to take place within a few months of a wedding, there is no legal time frame required. It's best to follow our advice so you don't have problems proving identity.

  • Changing Names in Your Passport

    You don't have to change names in your passport after marriage or divorce, but it's recommended. Download the application form here.

  • Name Change Checklist

    We'll provide you with detailed and comprehensive information for every company where you need to change names, and put it all into a checklist just for you!

  • Driving License and Motor Vehicle Name Change

    Driver and motor vehicle licenses are administered by each province.  Make this one of the first documents you update as it can be used as evidence of your new name with other organisations.

  • Ordering Your Manitoba Marriage Certificate

    If you were married in Manitoba, apply for your marriage certificate from the Provincial Vital Statistics office. Download the application form here.

  • Alberta Registry Agents

    Need to legally change names in Alberta? Here's the friendly folk who can help.

  • How to Change Names in New Brunswick

    No matter if your changing names from marriage, removing your partner’s name or want a legal name change, we explain the process.

  • Health Card Name Change

    Provincial health cards should be changed into your new name as soon as possible. It should be done before applying for a new passport. Follow our tips for a smooth name change.

  • How Do I Change My Name?

    There's 2 parts to changing names. First, get a document that proves your new name. Next, update your records. We explain how to do all this.

  • Canadian Revenue Agency Name Change

    Canadian Revenue need to be notified of your new name as soon as possible and also need to know if your domestic situation has changed.

  • Ontario Health Card Name Change

    It’s free to replace your Ontario health card. The change must be done in person. We explain what specific documents you need to take in with you.

  • How to Change Names in Alberta

    No matter what your reason for changing names, we explain the process. You’ll need a document as proof of name change, then we’ll help get the name on your accounts changed.

  • Name Changes for Permanent Residents and New Citizens

    Already a citizen? About to become a citizen? If you’re looking to change names and it impacts your citizenship, we explain what to do.

  • How to Change Names in Nova Scotia

    Changing names requires a marriage certificate or legal name change order from Vital Statistics. We explain how to apply and how to update all your records.

  • What Documents Do I Need To Send?

    Depending on your reason for changing your name, you should only need your wedding certificate or updated driver's licence as evidence of your new name. 

  • Social Insurance Number Name Change

    Easy Name Change provides you with the form to update your name with Social Insurance Canada.


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