How Do I Change My Name?

First, get proof of your name change

You need to prove your entitlement to be known by a new name. The proof you need depends on your reason for changing names. The most common type of name change is from marriage. The only proof required is your marriage certificate from Vital Statistics.

Reverting to your prior name? If you initially changed names from marriage and want to go back to your previous name simply show your birth and marriage certificates together. You may be asked for proof of separation, such as a court-issued divorce decree or separation certificate, however by law, you can reclaim your name without a change of relationship. We explain this in more detail in our Name Change Guide which comes with all name change kits.

If you’re changing names for any other reason you’ll need a legal name change with Vital Statistics.  They will issue an amended birth certificate. If you were born in a different province from where you reside you’ll be issued a legal name change certificate.

Next, notify all the organizations of your new name

Receiving an official certificate with your new name does not result in any organizations or government authorities updating records. You still need to directly notify each organization yourself to request your name be updated. As companies have a range of name change procedures, you may need to attend an office in person, send a letter, email or form, or maybe follow another procedure entirely.

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