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Hard to find information for your name change clearly laid out. Now you can get on with updating your records! 

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Do you have a tricky history of name changes? Maybe you were born overseas or live between 2 countries? Short on proof? We are the experts and have the answers! 

Scroll down to our knowledge centre to access our FREE legal name change checklist to build your custom list of all the organizations you need to notify. We have hundreds of companies and provide the most definitive list anywhere. You’ll get an idea of just how much time we will save you!

 Check our name change knowledge centre below!

The easy way: Use our name change notification kit to get personalized and ready to send name change notifications for your companies. In many cases you can simply attach the proof document listed and send! There will be a few places where you need to log in to your account, visit a branch or call. Our company checklist explains each company’s process so you don’t waste time researching. 

Start here

The hard way: Yep. More lists. Start by doing an audit of all the places you may need to notify. This could be anywhere from 8 to over 50. Contact each one or research online to get their name change procedure. You may need to request a form.

Note all the requirements in your checklist – post and email addresses, proof documents, links to forms, important URLs, office opening hours and steps to follow.

Next, get busy writing letters and emails, completing forms and hammering the photocopier. Allow 20 minutes per company. If you have 25 companies then that’s 8 hours you could have saved with an Easy Name Change kit. Get a head start with our free checklist.

No matter which way you go, driver licences and most banks need you to visit in person. 

Changing names from marriage? If you already have your marriage certificate then you can send our notifications now! 

Divorced? Simply attach your divorce certificate to our notifications and send! You can still reclaim your former name even if you’re not divorced.

If you’re legally changing names we can provide your province’s application form if you have not already applied. If you’ve got your legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate then attach to our notifications and send!

While it’s helpful to have government-issued photo ID updated to support your name change, there is generally no special order in which to get your accounts and identification updated.

A small number of organizations need to sight specific documents in your new name, such as Canadian passports and BC driver’s licence. Where any of your chosen companies have prerequisite documents we explain it in your company checklist.

Easy Name Change customers can expect to complete all their name change administration within one or two weeks. While most name change requests will be processed within a few days, some organizations like passports and PR cards can take weeks to months to process the change.

If you are managing your own name change it typically takes two to three months to complete, as you’ll need an extra 8 hours to do all the research and write notifications. You also need to wait for forms and instructions to be confirmed by each company.

There will be a cost to order your marriage, divorce or legal name change certificate. Marriage certificates are between $20 and $55. A legal name change application costs from $120 to $190, with additional charges for fingerprinting, background checks and publication a possibility. Divorce certificates are included with your divorce. These fees are charged by and payable to your provincial vital statistics office.

Organizations do not charge for a change of name unless a new credential is issued. eg: passport, driver’s licence, professional certificate. Any fees are payable directly to the issuing entity. 

Most companies won’t confirm that your name change has been processed. Check that your new name appears when you next log into your accounts or receive correspondence. Your name is generally updated within a few days of receiving your request, but some can take weeks (passport) or months (replacement Canadian citizenship certificate).


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 parts to changing names. First, get a proof document, like your marriage, divorce or legal name change certificate. Next, send out your Easy Name Change notifications or set aside an extra 8 hours to do this yourself.

How do I change names?

There are a number of different ways to update the name linked to your SIN. Follow our instructions to change names online, by mail or in person. Most people choose online so you don’t have to mail original identity documents.  

How do I change the name on my SIN 

No matter where you live, you must visit your provincial licence-issuing centre to get your licence reissued in your new name. BC drivers must have their MSP updated first.  

Driver’s licence name change

Canadians residing abroad may find they can get most records updated but will likely have a few places that can’t be changed until returning to Canada. Your success depends on the policy of each organization where you hold an account, record or membership.  

Can I change names while residing outside of Canada?

Most provincial health cards have a special form to be mailed in, which we provide. Updated health cards can be used as proof when changing your Canadian passport. 

Provincial health card name change

See provincial guides:  Ontario health card     BC health card

Anyone with the right to permanently reside in Canada can change names from marriage, divorce or legally. We explain some considerations for your name abroad. 

Name change for new citizens and permanent residents

The process for electoral registrations differs between provinces, with some information automatically passed onto the agency and others maintaining birth names. You can search and add or change details yourself if needed. 

How to change names on your voter registration

Each kit is uniquely created for each customer, based on their selections from our database of over 750 companies! Save money by printing the forms and letters yourself, or save time with everything delivered. 

What’s the difference between your name change kits?

Not sure about your name change? Need information on the process, including proof documents, background checks or provincial fees? Check our name change guides:

Ontario name change guide  
BC name change guide
Alberta name change guide  

Short on cash? We’ll still save you hours! Browse our database and choose all the organizations you need. We’ll email you a beautiful, comprehensive and easy to follow checklist.

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