BC Driver’s Licence Name Change

Change names with BC MSP first. Once MSP processes your name change you’ll be sent a confirmation letter which is required by BCID. Take the letter, your original proof of name change and your current licence or card to any ICBC driver licensing office. You can change your name on your BC driver’s licence, BC Services Card or BCID at these locations. You can book an appointment before you go to minimize wait times.

Your proof of name change varies depending on your reason for changing names. If taking your spouse’s surname show a marriage certificate issued by either Vital Statistics or religious institution. If legally changing names show your legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate. If removing your spouse’s surname show your divorce decree, providing it lists both your married and former names. If your name has changed more than once show all documents linking your birth and current names together, including birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates and any legal name change certificates.

If you no longer have your BC driver’s licence or combined BC Services card then check the ICBC website for additional proof of identity documents. All documents shown must be originals.

Change names in person at any driver licensing office. If your current licence has more than 6 months remaining, a replacement license costs $17. If your licence is close to expiry it costs $75 to renew for an additional 5 years.

Changing names everywhere else

Once your provincial licence is updated you can go on to change names in your Canadian Passport. No records are linked, so you’ll need to apply directly to each organization for your accounts, records and memberships to be updated. You may be required to send in a letter, email or form. Don’t waste hours on hold figuring out what to send where. Get ready to send name change paperwork and detailed instructions for over 750 hundred Canadian companies. Just click the button below.


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