Which kit should I choose?

Easy Name Change kits are uniquely created for each client. Simply select the organizations you need to inform from our database of over 750 Canadian companies. You’ll get all corresponding paperwork – ready to send letters and forms and ready to forward emails. Follow the instructions for each company in your personalized company checklist. It’s that simple.

All the paperwork you need!

Both our $39 print-at-home and $79 print & post kits contain the same information. We provide all the forms, letters and emails needed, along with company-specific name change procedures in a handy checklist and the Easy Name Change Guide. Both kits are emailed and available to download. The only difference is the print & post kit is mailed to you in a handy folder with matching envelopes.

We recommend the print & post kit if you don’t have a printer or just need that nudge to get started. This kit is also ideal if you have more than 20 organizations as you’ll receive all paperwork already printed, saving you from the time and expense of using your inkjet printer. Both kits come with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Ready to change your name now?