Name Change on Permanent Register of Electors

You do not need to notify Elections Canada of your new name as this information is provided to the agency throughout the year from various sources. If you change names with the CRA you may have nominated for your updated information to be passed onto Elections Canada.

Some provincial agencies do not alter their electoral roll and keep all enrolments based on birth names. Some provincial agencies keep enrolments updated with current names so they need to be notified soon after you change your name.

If you can’t find your details on the electoral register due to a change of name, you can inform Elections Canada of your new name. If there is a pending election you can instead change names at your assigned polling station when you go to vote. Simply show your updated photo ID and request your details are updated.

Elections Canada provides voter registration information to the provincial elections agencies, so you only need to update your details at one level. If you prefer to proactively manage your electoral information, we can provide the National Register of Elector’s Update Request form as part of your name change kit. Just click the button below.


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