How To Change Names After Marriage

Changing names after marriage is a matter of custom and personal preference. There is no need to change names, however, around 80% of couples still have one party that changes names. The most commonly cited reason is ‘wanting to share the same name as their family’. There are a number of married name change options available.

Proof of name change

Once you’ve decided to change names after marriage there is no official ‘registration’ of your new name. Simply present your marriage certificate as evidence of your new name and organizations will update records accordingly.

Marriage records are always filed with Vital Statistics. BC newlyweds receive their official marriage certificate about 8 to 10 weeks after their wedding. Residents in all other provinces need to apply for the official marriage certificate. We can include the application form and ordering details in your personalized name change kit (certificate application fees not included).



Update your records

Always prioritize government identification, especially as some companies ask for updated photo ID when changing names. Many provinces have service outlets where you can apply for your wedding certificate and update your driver’s licence and health card all at the same time. Most banks also need customers to visit in person.

Approach the other 20 or 30 organizations and request your name is changed. As companies have a range of name change procedures, you may be asked to send an email, letter or form, or follow an entirely different procedure. Get your personalized name change paperwork and company instructions in just 10 minutes, saving you weeks of painful research and paperwork.


Ready to change your name now?