Alberta Legal Name Change

Alberta Legal Name Change

Alberta Legal Name Change

Do I need a legal name change?

If you’re taking or removing your spouse’s name, then no legal name change is necessary. Visit our page on Alberta Marriage Name Change, or Alberta Divorce name change for more information. 

A legal name change is required for all other changes. You may change just one name or all names, change the spelling or order of your names. The same process and fees apply to all changes.

What restrictions are in place for legal name change?

You must choose a first name and surname (plus optional middle names) that is made up from the English alphabet. You can’t use numbers. The only non-letters allowed are hyphen, apostrophe and periods. Only some accents can be accepted, apply for your name change to learn more. 

Your name change may be denied if it will confuse anyone, is against public interest, is to defraud anyone, or could be objectionable on other grounds.

What other conditions are placed on name change

You must have your fingerprints taken by an approved agency as part of your application. You can apply for faster electronic fingerprinting with the results sent to Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service, or you may have manual fingerprint checks with the RCMP. Fingerprinting fees may be around $25.

You must take out a name change notice in the Alberta Gazette once your name change is approved. If you object to having you name change published you must show a court order. More information about getting a court order can be provided by the Alberta Vital Statistic agency. You must be 18 years or older and be an Alberta permanent resident.

How do I apply for a legal name change in Alberta?

The legal name change application form can only be collected and lodged at an Alberta Registry Agent. Click here to locate your closest office

Legal name change applications cost $120, plus an agency fee. You will also need to pay for fingerprinting and publishing in the Gazette.

What must I do after changing names?

Once you have a legal name change certificate you must notify all the various organisations to get your identification, memberships and accounts updated. Click below to get all the paperwork needed to change names. We’ll provide company specific name change forms and lodgement 


If you want to be known by a name other than your birth or married name, you’ll need a legal name change. We explain the process.

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