Alberta Health Care Card Name Change

Alberta Health Care Card Name Change

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Your health care card should always be in the correct name and it is best to prioritize this when changing names.  Download and complete the ‘Notice of Change’ form to advise of a name change from marriage, divorce, separation or for legal name changes.


Spouses must be on the same card, so you also need to complete ACH-2212 ‘Notice of Change/Addition’ form.  The form can be accessed via the link below.

Divorced or separated?

You can apply to remove your spouse from your card by completing ACH-2213 ‘Notice of Change/Deletion’ form. The form can be accessed via the link below. 


It’s quickest to submit the form via an Alberta Registry Agent. You can do this at the same time as changing your Alberta Driver’s license, so there’s no additional trip required. If you prefer, you may instead mail the form to Alberta Health. Replacement health care cards are provided within 2 weeks via a registry agent, or 4-6 weeks if lodged directly with Alberta Health.

Your name change in other places

It’s also important to prioritize changing names on your Alberta driver’s license. This must be done at an Alberta Registry Agent, so it’s recommended you change your license and health care card at the same time.

Most banks need to be visited in person and need to sight your original certificate (marriage certificate, legal name change certificate or divorce decree.) Photo ID may also be required, and take any plastic bank cards with you.

Many other companies allow name change by mail and may have a form, or else require you to send a letter or fax. Access virtually all the name change forms, letters and information you need via the button below. In many cases you can simply sign and send.