BC Driver's License Name Change

BC Driver's License Name Change

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Once you change names, your BC driver’s license must be updated as soon as possible. You need to show original evidence of your name change, such as; a Vital Statistics issued marriage certificate or religious marriage certificate; legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate; or your divorce decree and birth certificate. You also need your current license, plus CA birth certificate, passport, citizenship or permanent resident card, bank card, credit card or student ID.  All documents shown must be originals.

Change names in person at ay driver licensing office. If your current license has more than 6 months remaining, a replacement license costs $17. If your license is close to expiry it costs $75 to renew for an additional 5 years.

Changing names everywhere else

Once your license is updated, ensure your BC Care Card and Passport are prioritized. Then you need to update names everywhere else. Each company has different requirements, so you may need to return a special name change form, send a letter or fax, where your name change can’t be done in writing there may be a number of other procedures to follow. To learn the name change procedures for hundreds of Canadian companies, just click the button below.