How Do I notify Companies of My New Name?

Getting your name updated in all the necessary places can take anywhere from days to years. Yes, YEARS! Doing it yourself? Get organized with a comprehensive checklist and allocate 6 to 8 hours for all the research and document preparation. Got better things to do? Buy a name change kit and get all the hard work done for you. Follow each company’s instructions provided and send off your notifications. The name change is done and in just 15 minutes!

Where to change names in person?

No name change kit can help with this one. Some companies need you to front up and show your original proof of name change and witness your new signature in person. All driver’s licences and most banks with large branch networks require you to attend an office in person. Some provincial health cards also need to be requested in person.

By form, letter or email 

Many Canadian companies require name changes in writing. So get ready to send in a form, letter or email. Save hours of tedious paperwork. Choose what companies you need to notify from our database and get all the notifications needed! Click below to get your custom paperwork.

Other name change procedures

Companies have a range of name change procedures, so you may need to call, go online or follow a different process. To save yourself hours of contacting each company directly. Get the exact paperwork needed and each company’s name change process explained! Just click the button below to get your comprehensive name change paperwork and information for over 750 Canadian companies.


Ready to change your name now?