How to Change Names in New Brunswick

A person can use any name of their choosing in their daily life. Like how Robert may be known everywhere as Bob. But if you want a name other than your birth name or your spouse’s surname on your official identification and bank accounts, you need to apply for a legal name change. The document you show will depend on your reason for changing names.

New Brunswick marriage name change

There’s no ‘registration’ of your married name. Simply start using it! Apply directly to each organization to get your identification, accounts and memberships changed into your new name. Many organizations require your marriage certificate as proof. If you don’t already have your marriage certificate, download the application form for your NB marriage certificate as part of our service.


Reverting to prior name and divorce name change in New Brunswick

Want to remove your partner’s name? It’s easy and you don’t need to be divorced. Simply show the link between your married and prior names, such as your NB marriage together with either your Canadian citizenship certificate or birth certificate that shows your former name. If you’re already divorced then show your divorce decree, which should list both your married and former names. To have your name changed with all the various agencies and companies, click the button below.


New Brunswick Legal Name Change

Name changes may happen for any number of reasons; you may want to change the spelling or order of your names, add or drop a name, or take a new surname that isn’t from marriage. All these changes require a legal name change application with New Brunswick Vital Statistics.

The fee depends on the type of change; $115 for a first name change and $130 for a surname change (fees correct at the time of writing). Download the application form and guidance notes along with all the other necessary company name change forms via the link below.


Getting your records updated

Once you have a marriage certificate, divorce decree or legal name change certificate you need to contact all the various organizations and request your records are updated. Start with your driver’s licence and provincial health card. Most banks require you to attend in person as they need to sight your original documents and witness your new signature.

Companies all set their own name change procedure, so you’ll need to send in some forms, letters and emails, as well as attend banks and driver licensing offices in person. Save yourself the hassle of calling each company to learn the procedure and work out what to send where. Get ready to send name change paperwork along with each company’s name change process in under 10 minutes!


Ready to change your name now?