How to Change Names in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Marriage Name Change

Either spouse can take the other’s surname in place of their surname or in addition to their surname. If adding the names together, they can appear in any order separated by either a space or a hyphen. There’s no ‘registration’ of your new name. Simply start using your new name and ask everyone to call you that name!

If you want identification, accounts, memberships and all other records moved over into your new name you must contact each company directly and learn the process to change names on your account. In some cases, you will be required to send in a special form, send a letter or email. You’re usually asked to send a copy of your marriage certificate as proof of name change. If you don’t already have your official marriage certificate you’ll need to order it from Vital Statistics in Nova Scotia (or the province where you were married). Marriage certificates are not automatically sent following your wedding. Expect to pay about $40.

Don’t feel like spending 8 hours calling around and figuring out each company’s process? Let us provide ready to send forms, letters and emails. Each company’s process is provided in your custom company checklist so you’re not left guessing about anything.


Nova Scotia Divorce Name Change and Reverting to prior name

Anyone who changed their name from marriage can go back to their prior name at any time, no matter what their personal situation. You’ll need to provide proof of your current and former name. This can be just your divorce order if it lists both your married and former names. If not, you can provide your divorce order and marriage certificate, or else your marriage and birth certificates.

There’s no special filing needed to start using your former name. Simply start using it and apply to all the places where you have an account or identification to get your records updated. Click the button below to get ready to send forms, letters emails and detailed procedures to change names with over 750 Canadian companies.


Nova Scotia Legal Name Change

To legally change names in Nova Scotia you must be at least 19 years old. You must also either be born or have resided in Nova Scotia for at least 3 months before applying. You’ll need to return original Canadian birth certificates and any Canadian marriage certificates. If born overseas you need to return immigration documents. If you were born in Nova Scotia you’ll be issued a replacement birth certificate listing your birth and new legal name. If born in another Canadian province you’ll be issued a legal name change certificate and your details will be sent to the Provincial Vital Statistics office where you were born, then you can apply for an amended birth certificate if you wish. Use your amended birth certificate or legal name change certificate as proof of your new name.

To apply for a legal name change contact Nova Scotia vital statistics and request an application form. A case will be opened for you. Turnaround may be anywhere from 2 to 15 weeks, so check the Vital Statistics website for current processing times. Once your name is legally changed there are no automatic updates for your identification, records, or accounts. Apply directly to each organization for your records to be changed. Include a copy of your legal name change certificate or amended birth certificate. Save hours figuring out which companies have a form, who needs a letter or email and where to send it to. Click the button below to get ready to send name change letters, forms and emails for over 750 Canadian organizations.


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