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How to change names legally, Colorado

If your name change is not from marriage or divorce, then a court order is the only legal way to change your name. A private company cannot issue a legal name change order, although they may help you prepare the court documents for a fee. If you have a reasonable understanding of the court process you could manage your own application.

Easy Name Change only provides the name change petition for states listed below. If you live in a different state you will need arrange your own name change petition and filing before purchasing your name change notification kit.

Colorado applicants use the same petition across the state and can expect their legal name change application to cost about $250 to $350 in total. Once you have proof of your new name you are generally only charged when a new credential needs to be issued, such as a driver’s license, replacement title or professional license or certificate.  

First, arrange for your fingerprints to be sent to the FBI and CBI for a criminal check. Once returned, you have 90 days to file your petition. Some courts will hear your petition on the same day it is filed, or else a hearing date will be set. At that time you will be issued an Order for Publication. Publish your intent to change names, unless the court issues you an exemption. Take your proof of publication back to the court where you will be issued with a Final Decree for Change of Name. Order certified copies of your name change order and show it to all the necessary organizations to have your records updated.

Unless you have a special circumstance, all applicants must submit to a criminal background check with the CBI and FBI. You should visit the Sherriff’s office or authorized agency and obtain 2 sets of fingerprints and send one each to the FBI and CBI. Criminal background checks from the FBI take 6 to 13 weeks. CBI is usually much quicker. You should have the results of your criminal background check before filing your name change petition. If you have been convicted of a felony you are not eligible to change names.

Easy Name Change is a notification service. Once you have your name change approved by the court, we provide all the necessary information and ready to send paperwork to get your records updated. We always recommend you first successfully petition the court for a legal name change order. Once you have this, you can simply attach a copy of the order to our notifications and send. Our kits save hours of research, waiting on hold and figuring out what to send where.

  1. Arrange fingerprinting checks with both the CBI and FBI
  2. Attach the final FBI and CBI criminal history checks to the Petition. The petition must be notarized or signed before a court official
  3. Complete the following documents. 
    Petition for Change of Name (Adult) (JDF 433). This is your application to change names and is what the judge will consider at your hearing.
    Order for Publication for Change of Name (JDF 426). The judge will sign this at your hearing, then you can send off the Public Notice.
    Public Notice (JDF 427). This is what will be sent to the newspaper to publish your notice to change names.
    Final Decree for Change of Name (JDF 448). Only complete the caption part. The judge will return this to you only after your proof of publishing.
  4. There is a filing fee of $88 payable to the county court at this stage. (versus $238 if you file with the district court) 
  5. Check with your court to see if you are required to attend your hearing. If the judge approves your petition, she will sign your Order for Publication.
  6. Unless you have an exemption from publishing which has been approved by the court, your name change must be published at least three times over 21 days. Check with your court what newspapers are acceptable. You may be required to keep the newspapers as proof, or the newspaper may return proof of publishing either to you or direct to the court.
  7. Return to the court with proof of publishing to receive your Final Decree for Change of Name. It is a good idea to arrange for certified copies of your court order, which can be used everywhere as proof of your name change
  8. Update all your identification and records. We recommend using an Easy Name Change kit so you have the latest forms to change names with all the necessary agencies, plus ready to send paperwork for hundreds more companies. In many cases, you can just sign and send.

The final price varies as not each applicant will incur all the same costs. Total costs may be around $250 to $350. Please note that although these fees were correct at the time of writing, they are subject to change without notice. Always check directly with each agency for current fees.

  • Fingerprinting fees to Sherriff or authorized agency. (around $10 to $40 per set)
  • CBI and FBI criminal background check – The CBI charges $38.50 for both or $17.50 for a state search. An FBI check cost $18 (payable directly with the FBI).
  • The courts charge a filing fee of $88. If you cannot afford this fee you can complete the Motion to File Without Payment and Supporting Financial Affidavit (JDF 205).
  • Newspaper publication fees can vary and are set by the newspaper. These fees may be payable to the court or direct to the newspaper.

Certified copies of your name change order.
There are also fees to update some records;

  • Driver license $21
  • Vehicle title replacement. Fees vary and are set by each county
  • Replacement passport, if you hold a valid passport more than 12 months old. Passport books are $130 and/or cards $30.
  • If you own property you should check with the Clerk and Recorder’s office for the process and fees to update the name on your title.
  • Most other organizations do not change to update the name on your account or record unless a new credential needs to be issued.

* Fees correct at time of writing, subject to change without notice

There is no automatic updating of your identification or records once your name change is granted. It is your responsibility to ensure all the relevant agencies and organizations are aware of your name change, which is where Easy Name Change notification kits help. We’ll provide you with form SS5 to send into Social Security, which must always be the first step after your name change is approved. Allow a few days for the SSA to update your records before filing for a name change with the Colorado DMV. No form is necessary, simply visit any DMV in person. Our database makes it easy to navigate all the necessary organizations, and our handy checklist makes sure you haven’t missed any. Our kits provide comprehensive name change procedures for almost 1,000 organizations, plus ready to send paperwork where necessary.

Easy Name Change notification kits are only suitable for adults. If you are looking for information for changing a child’s name please check directly with your county court for the necessary forms and information. There is also some great information for minor name change on the Colorado Court website. If your query relates to parental consent and exemptions please contact your local court. 


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