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How to change names legally, Florida

If your name change is not from marriage or divorce, then a court order is the only legal way to change your name. A private company cannot issue a legal name change order, although they may help you prepare the court documents for a fee. If you have a reasonable understanding of the court process you could manage your own application.

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It’s a detailed and complex process to petition the court for a legal name change order, as you need to submit fingerprints, and a criminal check. There is no requirement for newspaper publishing, so once the checks are done you could get a court date within a week. 

With a bit of reading and planning, it may be simple enough to manage your own legal name change in Florida. Legal name change falls under the Florida Supreme Court, however by local rule approved by the Supreme Court, County family courts hear name change applications. A legal name change in Florida can be costly, typically costing around $500.

There are two parts to legal name change. First, petition the court and pay the $401 filing fee. If successful receive a certified copy of your name change order. Next, notify all the organizations where you hold ID, a record or account that needs to be updated

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Once you have successfully petitioned the court and have your name change order, we help you get your records updated. This includes SSA, driver’s license, vehicle title, voter registration, passport, insurance, bank, credit card, loyalty club and many more. No research, no guesswork.

  1. Complete a ‘Petition for Change of Name’ (Minors, Adult or Family)  We include this in your kit. Some county courts require you to purchase a name change informational packet for a nominal fee. These packets contain the forms (the ‘petition’) and detailed instructions on how to complete.
  2. Get fingerprinted by an authorized fingerprinting service provider. Your sheriff’s office often does this for a small fee. Private agencies can be more expensive. Fingerprinting is not necessary if you are reverting to a prior name or for dissolution of marriage.
  3. File the completed petition with the clerk of court and pay the filing fee of $401 (subject to change without notice).
  4. Submit your fingerprints at the time of filling.
  5. Once your application has been accepted and your filing fee paid, the clerk will set your hearing date. Hearing dates vary greatly between counties. This may be done within days or weeks, or even 6 months away.
  6. Your fingerprints will be used for a criminal history background check which will take place after filing, but before the hearing.
  7. It is recommended you attend the hearing so you can respond to any questions. In most cases the final court order authorizing the change is issued on the same day.
  8. Purchase at least 2-3 certified copies of your name change order so you can change your records with various organizations without waiting for your only certificate to be returned.

The total cost to change names can be anywhere from $401 to over $600. It just depends on your situation. For example, a divorcee without a passport may pay only $425 as they do not need to pay for fingerprinting, background checks or a new passport. Here’s the full breakdown;

  1. Your county courthouse may require you to purchase a name change packet before filing your petition, which may be between $5 and $50
  2. By state legislature, the filing fee for a legal name change is $401. This fee is applicable regardless of how minor or significant the name change is.
  3. Fingerprinting, if required, may be between $10 and $75
  4. The criminal history background check is about $45
  5. If approved, a court order authorizing the name change is often included in the filing fee. Otherwise you may need to pay a nominal cost for each certified copy of the order.
  6. The Florida DMV charges $25 for a new driver’s license
  7. If you have a passport, expect to pay over $130 for a new passport book (this is waived if your passport is less than 12 months old).
  8. Most other organizations do not charge to have your name updated unless a new credential needs to be issued (ie: diploma or ID card).

* All fees correct at the time of writing but are subject to change without notice.

We can’t provide an answer to this question as your situation is unique. It is possible however to apply to the relevant court in your county for a legal name change without any assistance, but you should have a good understanding of legal processes. Many counties require you to download their application form or purchase a packet that contains the application forms and instructions on how to prepare and file. Courts have a self-help center where you can be guided through how to complete the process.

If you have ongoing legal issues, such as custody disputes, pending immigration matters, credit issues or any other legal matter it’s highly recommended you engage with an appropriatley qualified professional.

If you haven’t done so already, here is where you need to buy an Easy Name Change kit. Your name should be updated immediately after receiving a court order granting the name change. If you hold a driver’s license or photo ID card you must inform the SSA and Florida DMV within 10 days of the change.

There are a number of forms to complete and file. Many companies also need you to send in a letter, email or visit a branch. We provide ready-to-send name change notifications so you can just attach your court order, sign and send! You’ll still need to visit the DMV and likely your bank too, as they need to record your original signature.  

If you legally change names and have children, their name will be unaffected. If you want to change your child’s name at the same time as your own you can lodge a petition to change a child’s name at the same time and the cases may be heard together. Parents or legal guardians can lodge a child’s name change at any time. Easy Name Change is a notification service, so we don’t prepare legal name change paperwork or request court orders. As children have fewer organizations to notify of their new name our kits are not suitable for children. Contact the court for more information about changing your child’s name.

Easy Name Change is a notification service. If you’re legally changing names we recommend getting a court order name change approved first, then just add it to our notifications and send. If you don’t yet have a legal name change order and have further questions, please use the resources below for further information. As we are not qualified legal professionals, we are unable to provide any further advice beyond what appears on this page.


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Legal Name Change

You can be known by any name, but to get identification and records changed you need a court order. Fees and turnaround times vary significantly between states. Apply for your court order, then attach to our notifications and send.

Learn how to legally change names

Legal name change petitions should be filed with your local court house. Turnaround times vary significantly by county and filing fees are set by your state. Companies generally do not charge to update your name unless a new credential needs to be reissued.

Find out how much it costs to legally change names

If you’re legally entitled to reside in the USA you can change your name legally. There can be significant costs with your petition and immigration filings. If you are planning on becoming a US citizen it may be cheaper and faster to wait.

Can I legally change names if I am not a US citizen?

This process is managed by your county court. We provide general information to get started on your child’s name change, but it’s always best to contact your local court directly.

How do I legally change a child’s name?

Once you have a court document proving your new name it’s then your responsibility to get your records updated. No records are linked, so you need to contact each organization directly and follow a separate process.

How do I update my accounts after legally changing names?

If you’ve decided to file a legal name change application with the court we’ve got some information to help you along the way.

Legal name change resources and state information

You’ve got your court order. Now it’s time to notify each company that you have a new name! Save money with our FREE checklist.

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