Legal Name Change Time and Cost

Legal Name Change Time and Cost

A successful legal name change can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, however typically takes around 3 months. This is the time from first receiving the court forms until you start changing names with all the necessary organizations. The total process costs between $400 and $600, depending on your situation.

How long it takes

This is a general guide and lists fastest average time to get a legal name change via the Florida courts. There may be delays if you don't accurately complete your paperwork or file in a timely manner.

  • Apply for the necessary legal name change application forms (called a Petition). We can provide this as part of our service, or contact your circuit court for the documents
  • Allow 1-2 weeks to complete the forms (called a 'petition')
  • File the petition with the county court where you reside
  • Receive a hearing date, which can be immediate, but can also be over 3 months away.
  • We recommend attending your hearing. If you do not attend and the judge has questions, your name change may be delayed
  • Your name change court order is usually issued immediately after your hearing
  • If you have purchased an Easy Name Change kit, allow just a few hours to file name change notifications with all companies and government agencies
  • Your name should be changed with all organizations within 2 weeks from them receipting your request.


There are a number of costs involved when legally changing names. Not every costs may applicable to your situation. 

  • Some Florida circuit courts require you to purchase a name change packet before beginning your petition. This has your county's forms and information. Expect to pay between $5 and $50
  • Filing fee, about $420. This is set at a state level and is applicable to all Florida applicants
  • Fingerprinting. Not necessary for reclaiming a prior name or minors. Expect to pay $20-$75 
  • Recording and certification fees once successful. You may want to order additional certified copies of your court order. Around $10 to $20.
  • Should you require private legal assistance the cost would increase substantially.
  • An Easy Name Change kit. $30 by email, or $70 fpr Print & Post 
  • Replacement Florida driver's license $25
  • Replacement US Passport book & card; $110 and $30 respectively 

Getting records updated

  • Start updating records immediately once your legal name change order is issued
  • Update Social Security by filing form SS5- 'Application for a social security card'. There is no fee. We can provide the form. Return by mail or in person.
  • Visit the Florida DHSMV in person to update your driver's license or ID card. $25 replacement fee.
  • Your kit allows you to check of all other companies, from utilities, banks to loyalty clubs and more. We'll provide all the paperwork so you can just sign, add your court order where indicated, then send!


Successful applications typically take 3 months. Total costs can vary from around $415 to $550.  We break down all elements of the cost structure so you know what to expect.

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