Legal Name Change Cost

Legal Name Change Cost

Legal Name Change Cost

Legal name change laws are set at a state level, but are executed via the county courts. The turnaround time on a legal name change petition can vary greatly and depends on your state’s filing procedure and current workload. Most states can execute a legal name change order within 8-12 weeks. Some states, such as Florida, California and New York can take over 3 months, whereas other states may be able to have a hearing on the spot, providing the applicant completes the petition correctly.

The time your county takes to approve a legal name change petition can also change. Court workload and resources change, particularly in the lead up to and during holiday periods. The only way to know how long you can expect a legal name change to take is to call your county clerk and ask.


Filing Fees & other costs

Filing fees are set at a state level and all counties within the state should charge the same amount for a legal name change petition. Fees typically cost around $200 to $400 in total (including issuing a court order document), but it may cost around $500 in some states. This cost will significantly increase if you hire a legal professional to assist. People with a reasonable understanding of the court process should be able to manage their own application. If you are time poor or need assistance in working through the application process there are some good quality legal name change packages provided by law firms or you may be able to get legal assistance for a fixed price.

Other costs include a duplicate of your license (varies between states, usually under $20), replacement passport if required ($110 for book, $30 for card) and duplicate vehicle title if requested. Most organizations do not change for changing names, unless you need a new credential issued (eg: CPA or Bar Association). Easy Name Change notification kits start from $29.

How can Easy Name Change help?

We can't assist with court applications for a legal name change. However once you have your court order we can help get all your accounts and ID updated. Our notification kits provide ready to send name change forms, letters, emails and faxes for over one thousand organizations, plus step by step filing procedures. It's sure to be the simplest and most cost effective part of changing names.



Legal name change petitions should be filed with your local court house. Turnaround times vary significantly by county and filing fees are set by your state.

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