Free Marriage Name Change Checklist

Free Marriage Name Change Checklist

Free Marriage Name Change Checklist

Need to know who to notify after changing names? To make the task easier, we've compiled a comprehensive name change checklist. Download this as a word document at the bottom of the page and keep track of your progress.

Priority name changes

  1. Marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages. Fees apply. You need your certificate to prove your new name with banks, passports and driver licensing
  2. Driver’s license. You need to do this in person. Take your original BDM marriage certificate and current license.
  3. Bank accounts. Banks with substantial branch networks require you to visit in person with your original BDM marriage certificate, photo ID (in either name) and any bank ATM/credit cards.
  4. Medicare. Visit a Medicare office in person with your original marriage certificate and current Medicare card.
  5. Your employer. You may have your email address, directory listing and business cards all updated while you are on your honeymoon.

All other name changes

  1. Passport. If you’ve got pending travel you should leave this till later. If you're ready to update your passport now you can have it done free of charge, providing you have at least 2 years validity on your existing passport.
  2. Car registration. This can usually be done at the road authority when changing names on your drivers license.
  3. Electoral Roll
  4. Australian Taxation Office
  5. Centrelink
  6. Utilities (electricity, gas, water)
  7. Home phone
  8. Mobile phone
  9. Pay TV
  10. Internet
  11. Insurance (car, house, health, life, income protection)
  12. Superannuation
  13. Investments and shares
  14. Frequent Flyer
  15. Loyalty Clubs
  16. Auto clubs (RACV)
  17. Sports clubs (racing clubs, football clubs)
  18. Memberships (library, gym, etc)
  19. Magazine subscriptions
  20. Australian Business registrar (if you are a director of a company)
  21. Local council (if you pay rates)
  22. Landlord/agent (if renting) and rental bonds
  23. Alumni (university, high school)
  24. Your children’s school (if applicable)
  25. Professional services (your accountant, lawyer, health care specialists)
  26. Online (Facebook, ebay, LinkedIn)
  27. Road toll accounts
  28. Australian Organ Donor Register
  29. Pet microchip company
  30. Voicemail
  31. Your will (marriage immediately voids any prior will)

Free Name Change Checklist

Download our Free Name Checklist (PDF)

Download our Free Name Checklist (Doc)

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