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Get your name back in a flash! Start sending your personalised name change notifications in just 15 minutes.

Reverting to Your Former Name?

Remember the time it took to change names when you were married? Be done with weeks of hassle and paperwork with our ready to send name change forms! Start using your previous name in just 15 minutes!

Maybe you’ve already got your head around the process to reclaim your name, but have a more specific question?

Tricky questions? Check our divorce name change knowledge centre below!

If you were married in Australia and want to go back to the name on your current Australian birth or citizenship certificate then you probably already have the proof you need!

Where one of our forms, letters or emails says to include a ‘copy of certificate’, you need 2 documents. That’s your Australian marriage certificate and any one of the following documents:

  • AU or foreign birth certificate, or
  • AU citizenship certificate
  • Divorce decree

If you don’t have the necessary documents on hand you can reorder from the Births, Deaths and Marriages office in the state where you were born or married.

If you were not married in Australia, we explain what to do.

Our name change kit will save you HOURS of boring research, tedious paperwork and shave weeks off your name change! Simply choose which companies you need to update and get step-by-step instructions for each company along with ready to send forms, letters and emails. Start here

Sure, you can save a few bucks by doing your own research and preparing all the forms and notifications. Allow about 20 minutes per company. Our customers have an average of 26 places to notify that’s an extra 8 hours. (Ouch!) There are likely to be a few more companies you’ve forgotten, so pack your patience. 

No matter which way you go, you’ll need to visit your state licence issuing centre and the larger banks in person because these companies want to witness your new signature and possibly take a photo.

For most customers, there’s no special order to get your records updated, but it can be helpful to prioritise photo ID in your new name. A very small number of companies may ask for updated photo ID. It can also be handy to have this early on as you may be asked for this as you update local records, like your doctor, library or gym.

No matter where you live, all driver’s licences must be updated in person at your state license issuing centre or state government service office.

You can’t make an appointment. Be sure to take your original proof documents and current licence. Most states don’t charge for a replacement licence, providing you have around 6 or more months on your current licence. If your licence is close to expiring you may need to get a new 5 or 10 year licence (fees apply).

Here’s where the name change process starts to become more time consuming, as financial instructions have a wide range of various policies for changing names. Easy Name Change customers will save time calling their bank and waiting on hold to verify the process. We provide any necessary paperwork and proof requirements for your chosen companies!

While each financial institution is different, the banks with large branch networks need you to visit any of their branches to get your name updated. They want to sight your original proof of name change. Some of the smaller financial institutions allow you to send in a form or letter, which we provide.

Bank account numbers don’t change as a result of a name change. Credit cards are different – what sucks most is that your updated credit card has a new number, so reset all those automatic debits! 

Our customers have an average of 26 places to notify, so you’ve only just started. This is where you have a heavy investment of time because each company has a different policy. Maybe you need to send in a form? Write a letter or email? What proof do you include? Where do you send it? Or maybe you need to upload proof online?

All this research and paperwork takes more than 8 hours! Use an Easy Name Change kit to get everything you need in just 10 minutes. Then it’s simply a matter of following our instructions and sending off the forms, letters and emails! All paperwork is written in your name. Just attach the proof listed and send! Boom!

Companies to notify includes passport, insurance (health, home, contents, life, auto, pet), rewards (travel, shopping), digital (Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Google, AfterPay), professional (AHPRA, CPA, unions, teachers), communications (mobile, internet, TV), utilities (gas, power, water), mortgage, investments, alumni, workplaces and more.


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Divorce Name Change

You don’t need to provide any reason and you don’t need to be divorced! No special registration is needed. Follow our instructions and start using your former name in just 15 minutes! Read how to revert to my former name article.

Great news – chances are that you already have all the official documents needed to go back to your former name! Don’t have a divorce order or born overseas? No problem, we explain alternate documents. We explain what your options are and the proof documents needed.

Read proof documents needed to resume former name article.

Not everyone wants their old name back! What better time to start fresh than with a new name that feels like YOU! You can apply to change any or all of your names. It doesn’t matter if you’re still married either.

Read on if you Don’t Want Your Old Name Back!

If you’ve been married more than once or were married overseas you may need different proof documents. We go over some examples of tricky situations where you may not always have the proof needed to drop your name.

Read our article; complicated history of names.  

Chances are there are more organisations to notify of your name change than when you were married. On a budget? Use our FREE checklist. Time strapped? Let us take care of all your paperwork and save a monster headache!

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