Passport Name Change

It’s free to update your passport for name changes resulting from a change in relationship status, provided you can meet certain criteria. The name you take must be a standard relationship name change, such as swapping your surname with your spouse’s surname or adding their surname to your own. You must have a divorce order, a BDM marriage certificate or BDM relationship certificate or have legally changed names in Australia and your foreign marriage certificate. Your passport will be updated with your new name and you’ll keep the same expiry, provided you have at least 2 years remaining.

If you have legally changed names or are reverting to your former name without divorce you can either:

  • Apply for a new 10 year replacement passport and pay full fees. You must choose this option if you have less than 2 years remaining on your current passport.
  • Apply for a  replacement passport, which will show your new name and the same expiry date as your existing passport. A replacement passport costs about 65% of a new 10 year passport, so it’s only good value if you have 6 or more years remaining.

Start your passport application

All passport applications must be done online then the final form is printed as per the exact printing specifications provided. You can no longer complete a paper form. All applicants need to attend an Australia Post outlet for an interview and a full identity check. Interview times can be booked online. Check the passports website for current fees, which are paid during your passport interview. Current processing times are on the passport website, so be sure you allow plenty of time to receive your new passport before booking flights.

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