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Why are you changing names?

Married Name Change

Revert to former name

Information Hub

Married Name Change

Congratulations! You can start using and signing your married name straight away! Get your records and accounts updated when you have your wedding certificate, which is usually ready about 1 or 2 weeks later. Discover what married names you can take and how to get your accounts and identification updated. Not ready to change names yet?  Use our reminder service

All you need is your marriage certificate and there’s no special registration. Some places must be updated in person, some need you to send a request in writing. We explain what to send where. 

Read how to change names after marriage article.

Relax, you don’t need a legal name change or to take any special steps other than getting your official marriage certificate. Most companies need to see your marriage certificate with a few needing certified copies mailed in. But what other documents might you need?

Read what documents do I need article.

Both spouses have the same 4 options available. As a couple you can have different surnames. Want a different surname or changes to your given names? 

Read your married name options article

You’ve spent years with your name and there are so many reasons to keep it, in some places at least! It’s perfectly legal to use both your married and birth names in different places, but watch for these common mistakes!

Read using both married and former names article.

It’s free to update the name in your passport after marriage! You’ll keep the same expiry date, provided you have at least 2 years remaining. Complete the form online and use the link to book your passport interview at a post office.

Read passport name change after marriage article.

Only documents issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages can be accepted as proof of name change. If you were married overseas you won’t have an Australian BDM marriage certificate, so there’s a different process.

Read changing names when married overseas article.

Your celebrant may arrange for your official marriage certificate to be sent directly to you. If not, we explain how to order from your state Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Read ordering your marriage certificate article.

You’re provided with a marriage certificate on the day of your ceremony, but it can’t be used for any legal purpose. Learn the difference between these certificates.

Read marriage versus commemorative certificates article.

All married name change options are available to either or both spouses. You can also apply for a legal name change, but it should be processed a few months before getting married.

Read more about husbands changing names.

Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Our name change experts provide their top tips to save you time and step you through the process.

Read out 5 top tips for married name change

Want to do your own name change research and paperwork? Create a beautiful & personalised checklist with all the companies you need! Our database is so comprehensive you’ll get all your companies laid out in one list, and there’s a few you might have missed!

Access our FREE married name change checklist here!

Revert to a Former Name

Divorced? Separated? Or just never took to your married name? If you have an Australian marriage certificate then it’s super simple to change back to your former name. You probably already have all the proof documents needed. There’s no special registration, just send off our notifications! We can have you back using your former name in just 15 minutes!

You don’t need to provide any reason and you don’t need to be divorced! No special registration is needed. Follow our instructions and start using your former name in just 15 minutes! Read how to revert to my former name article.

Great news – chances are that you already have all the official documents needed to go back to your former name! Don’t have a divorce order or born overseas? No problem, we explain alternate documents. We explain what your options are and the proof documents needed.

Read proof documents needed to resume former name article.

Not everyone wants their old name back! What better time to start fresh than with a new name that feels like YOU! You can apply to change any or all of your names. It doesn’t matter if you’re still married either.

Read on if you Don’t Want Your Old Name Back!

If you’ve been married more than once or were married overseas you may need different proof documents. We go over some examples of tricky situations where you may not always have the proof needed to drop your name.

Read our article; complicated history of names.  

Chances are there are more organisations to notify of your name change than when you were married. On a budget? Use our FREE checklist. Time strapped? Let us take care of all your paperwork and save a monster headache!

Create your FREE name change checklist!

Information Hub

Do you have a tricky history of name changes? Maybe you were born overseas or live between 2 countries? Short on proof documents? We are the experts and have the answers! You can also access our free downloadable name change checklist so you can do it yourself, and at the same time get an idea of how much time we could save you!

While companies do not charge for updating your name in their system, there can be a fee to have a certificate or card reissued, like your driver’s licence or professional credential.  Some customers already have their proof of name change where others may need to spend hundreds to apply.

Learn the various costs to change your name

There are 2 stages in changing names. Get the official document that proves your new name. If you don’t have this already then allow extra time to apply. Next, you need to create and send notifications. We explain all the elements in the timeline and the risks to be aware of.

Read how long does it take to change names

You’ve decided on your new name and have received proof from Births, Deaths and Marriages. So what happens next? How do you get all your records, accounts, memberships and identification changed over?

Read how to notify companies of your new name

Changing names is a major step in your identity footprint, so it’s essential to provide enough identity documents to satisfy each organisation. However every company has a different process and can dictate what proof to provide. It takes hours to call around and figure it out, so we step it out for you. 

Read more about proving your identity

You may be residing overseas but keen to change names in Australia. Foreign name change documents are not usually accepted, so you may need to apply for a certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages. You will also need to update your name with various Australian organisations.

Read Can I change names while residing abroad?

You may be an Australian citizen living abroad, or be a citizen of another country residing in Australia. Either way, chances are you have records and accounts to update in both countries. How do you go about it?

Read how to change names when living between 2 countries.

Born or married in NZ, living in Australia and a bit stuck on which documents will be accepted? If you have records in both countries you may need to apply for official proof in each country. 

Read more about Name Change for New Zealanders

If you have records in a name that’s not on your birth certificate or other source identity documents you may not need a legal name change.  Perhaps the change is minor or your accounts are incorrectly named. 

Read about mismatched names and statutory declarations

Getting certified copies. It’s the most complained part about changing names. Companies ask for a certified copy when they need to ensure the authenticity of your document but don’t want to receive the original by mail.

Read What are Certified Copies of Certificates?

Medicare allows name change in a number of ways: call, send an email or send a letter. You’ll need to provide proof of your name change. If you want to add or remove names from your Medicare card it’s best to mail the form in with a name change request letter.

Read more about changing names with Medicare

No matter what state you live in, licences must be updated in person. Always take original proof documents. We provide the form if your state has one. For most customers, it does not matter what order your identification is updated in so driver’s licence can usually be done at any stage.

Read how to change names on your driver’s licence

If your change of name can be supported with proof that your relationship status has also changed then it’s free to get a new passport issued! If you are legally changing names you may not have to pay full fees for a new passport.

Read more about Australian passport name change

Change names with the ATO by mailing in the form, over the phone or online. If you don’t get around to your name change now you may get it changed when you lodge your next tax return.

Read how to change names with the Australian Taxation Office

If you have a Centrelink CRN, change names now, even if you’re not drawing benefits. A mismatched name can cause problems down the track.

Learn How to Change Names With Centrelink

myGov does not need a separate notification that your name is changed, as the updated name will be pulled through from a linked module, but there is a requirement to get all modules updated.

Learn how myGov name change works

One of the easiest places to get your name changed! Notify the AEC of your new name online or by mail. If you don’t want your name change to be on the public register you may apply to be a silent elector.

Read how to change names with the AEC

Our service covers all Australian state and territories. Get more details on your state’s process and where to apply!

Get the guide for your state

Need to change names and not sure where to start or how our service works? 

Read more about How Easy Name Change Helps.

Besides being the best name change service available on the planet, we’ve been vetted by over 10 banks, have multiple cyber security credentials and offer a money back guarantee. Over 1 million people helped and still counting!

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All our kits contain the same time-saving forms! Choose your kit based on how much time you want to save and if you have a printer, stamps and envelopes.

What’s the difference between our kits?

Your name change may be complete, then a few years later you’re applying for your child’s passport and it’s no longer your name on their birth certificate.

How to get a Child’s Passport When a Parent Changes Names

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Well worth the cost. Invest a bit of time before selecting the organisations you need to inform of your name change. Their customer support is great, they really will do their best.


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