Driver’s Licence Name Change

While there’s no special order to get your accounts updated, it can be easier to get the name changed on your driver’s licence first. It can then be used as proof of your new name with other companies.

It is free to have your driver’s license changed provided you can surrender your current licence (except in WA where there are duplicate licence fees). If your licence is close to expiry you may be asked to pay for a new 5 or 10-year licence. You must present your current licence and original name change document (official marriage, birth or legal name change certificate). If you can’t present a valid licence when making the change you will be required to present a number of other documents to reverify your identity.

Name changes can only be done in person. Most state licensing offices don’t offer appointments, so we recommend arriving before 11 am mid-week if possible. Weekends, Fridays, lunch times and late afternoon are likely to result in longer wait times.

Always check the full document requirements before attending a licensing office and ensure you have completed any forms correctly, otherwise, you will have to make 2 trips. Easy Name Change provides the correct driver’s licence form if your state has one. You’ll save hours with our ready to send forms, letters and emails. Just attach the proof listed, sign and send!


State licensing offices

NSW    Roads & Traffic Authority
Roads & Traffic Authority name change information
Phone  13 22 13

VIC    Vic Roads
Vic licence name change information
Phone    13 11 71

QLD    Department of Transport
QLD license name change information
Phone     13 74 68

SA    Department of Transport
SA licence name change information
Phone 13 10 84

WA    WA Licensing Services
WA licence name change information
Phone 13 11 56

TAS    Department of Transport
TAS licence name change information
Phone  1300 135 513

ACT    ACT Road Transport Information
ACT licence name change information
Phone  13 22 81

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