Name change
after marriage

Our kit provides all the necessary paperwork with easy instructions to save you hours changing your name.

How to change names after marriage

Congratulations! You’re married and have decided to take your spouse’s surname! The not-so-great news… it can take weeks to get all your accounts and records changed over to your new name yourself.

Our service saves the hassle of contacting each company to verify their process. No need to spend hours writing letters or completing forms!

Even better – you only need your marriage certificate to get started! Simply attach to our personalised notifications and send!

Check our marriage name change knowledge centre below!

The easy way: Use our name change notification kit to get personalised and ready to send name change notifications for your companies. In most cases you can attach your marriage certificate and send! There are also going to be places where you need to log in to your account, visit a branch or call. Our company checklist explains each company’s process so you don’t waste time researching. 

Start here

The hard way: Yep. More lists. Start by doing an audit of all the places you may need to notify. This could be anywhere from 8 to over 50. Contact each one or research online to get their name change procedure.

Note all the requirements in your checklist – post and email addresses, proof documents, links to forms, important URLs, office opening hours and the steps.

Next, get busy writing letters and emails, completing forms and hammering the photocopier. Allow 20 minutes per company. If you have 25 companies then that’s 8 hours you could have saved with an Easy Name Change kit.

No matter which way you go, most banks and all state driver’s licences need you to visit in person. For the rest, just follow our researched instructions and send off our forms, letters and emails. BOOM! Name change sorted.

The good news is that there’s no separate registration! Your official marriage certificate lets you take your spouse’s surname and it’s the only document you need to get started.  Very few companies require updated photo ID, so it generally does not matter what order you notify companies. There is a different process if you were married overseas

It generally does not matter what order you update your records in. Only about 5 companies in our extensive database have a prerequsite, such as updated photo ID. You can read the proof requirements on each of our notifications to know if you have any special requirements.

Although not usually necessary, it can be handy to have your photo ID updated first, as you can show this for in-person name changes, like when you visit the doctor, vet or local library. It can also be handy to get banks and credit cards updated first, as credit cards are reissued in your new name and will have a new number. Then when you update online subscriptions you can change your name and update billing information at the same time.

No matter where you live, the same married name choices apply to any person married in Australia;

  • You can drop your surname and take your spouse’s
  • You can add your spouse’s surname to your own. Names can appear in either order and can be separated by either a space or a hyphen.
  • You can change your name on legal documents, but continue using your former name in work or personal settings. 

A legal name change is needed if you:

  • Want to change any part of your given name/s 
  • Want a surname other than yours or your spouse’s
  • Want to blend a part of each surname together to make a new name (if Smith and Jones became Smones)

Most companies won’t write back to confirm your name was changed. Check that your new name appears when you next log into your account or receive correspondence. Most companies update your name within a few days of receiving your request, but some can take weeks (Medicare, ATO and passport) or months (replacement citizenship certificate).


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Marriage Name Change

All you need is your marriage certificate and there’s no special registration. Some places must be updated in person, some need you to send a request in writing. We explain what to send where. 

Read how to change names after marriage article.

Relax, you don’t need a legal name change or to take any special steps other than getting your official marriage certificate. Most companies need to see your marriage certificate with a few needing certified copies mailed in. But what other documents might you need?

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Both spouses have the same 4 options available. As a couple you can have different surnames. Want a different surname or changes to your given names? 

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You’ve spent years with your name and there are so many reasons to keep it, in some places at least! It’s perfectly legal to use both your married and birth names in different places, but watch for these common mistakes!

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It’s free to update the name in your passport after marriage! You’ll keep the same expiry date, provided you have at least 2 years remaining. Complete the form online and use the link to book your passport interview at a post office.

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Only documents issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages can be accepted as proof of name change. If you were married overseas you won’t have an Australian BDM marriage certificate, so there’s a different process.

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Your celebrant may arrange for your official marriage certificate to be sent directly to you. If not, we explain how to order from your state Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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You’re provided with a marriage certificate on the day of your ceremony, but it can’t be used for any legal purpose. Learn the difference between these certificates.

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All married name change options are available to either or both spouses. You can also apply for a legal name change, but it should be processed a few months before getting married.

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Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Our name change experts provide their top tips to save you time and step you through the process.

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Want to do your own name change research and paperwork? Create a beautiful & personalised checklist with all the companies you need! Our database is so comprehensive you’ll get all your companies laid out in one list, and there’s a few you might have missed!

Access our FREE married name change checklist here!