Passport name change after marriage

Free passport replacement

If you’re updating your passport to your spouse’s surname after marriage, then your passport is replaced free of charge! You need a minimum of 2 years remaining on your current passport. The replacement passport will be issued with the same expiry date. You need to show proof of your new married name, so show your Australian marriage certificate at your passport interview along with all other proof documents required.

If you were married overseas you may still be eligible for a free passport replacement. You will first need to legally change your name with BDM, then submit your application along with your BDM legal name change certificate as well as your foreign marriage certificate. If your marriage certificate is not in English you will need an approved translation.

Passport due to expire within the next 2 years? You may continue using this passport until it’s within 6 months of expiry, even if your name has changed everywhere else. Whenever you apply in your married name it will be for a new 10 year passport and full fees are applicable.

Do you have pending travel plans?

We strongly recommend all pending international travel is completed before applying for a new passport. It’s not always easy to change names on airline tickets, so if you have flights booked in your former don’t risk getting a new passport issued until after that travel has concluded.

You can still change names in most other places, such as ATO, banks, superannuation and driver’s licence, yet leave your passport unchanged. You can take your trip abroad with a passport in your former name which matches your booking, then update your passport on your return to Australia. We recommend taking a copy of your marriage certificate and perhaps keeping one credit card in the same name as your passport in case you need to prove your identity while travelling.

Need to change names anywhere else?

Chances are you need to notify another 20 plus companies of your new name. Each company has a different form, process, and mailing address. Sometimes you’ll need to send a letter, visit in person, send an email or upload proof. Get all the name change paperwork, ready to forward emails and procedures for over 800 Australian companies. In most cases, you can just sign and send!


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