Centrelink Name Change

Visit a Centrelink location in person with a document from Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) that shows the change (eg: marriage certificate, amended birth certificate or legal name change certificate). You can instead show an updated photo ID. It’s handy to know your CRN (customer reference number) as it can make it faster to get your name changed. You can’t apply to Centrelink for a name change by mail, phone or online.

Even if you’re not drawing any Centrelink benefits now, if you have a Centrelink CRN it’s important to update your name around the same time as Medicare, the ATO and any other modules you have linked to myGov. That’s because myGov pulls your name from the first linked module, so if Medicare was the first linked module, then myGov will update your new name within a few weeks of Medicare receiving your name change request. You only have a short amount of time for any other linked modules to be updated into the same name or else they will unlink. You won’t be able to link them again until after your name change has been processed. Future you will also thank you for getting your Centrelink name updated when you next go to make a claim.

How Easy Name Change can help

If you’ve changed names from marriage, legally or you are reverting to your former name, then chances are you have another 10 to over 40 different places to update. Save yourself a full day of waiting on hold and figuring out what to send where with our ready to send forms, letters and emails!


Just because your name is updated with Centrelink does not mean any other records change. Medicare, state driver’s licence, passport, ATO, superannuation and all other records remain as is. Easy Name Change saves an average of 8 hours of research, looking for forms, and figuring out what each company needs and where to send it. Choose from our database of over 800 companies and get personalised and ready to send forms, letters and emails. In most cases just attach your proof of name change and send!


Centrelink: Visit a Centrelink office in person

You can visit any Centrelink location. For a list of locations visit https://findus.servicesaustralia.gov.au/.

Please note your name change with Centrelink does not flow through to any other government department. You still need to follow the steps to change names with Medicare, the ATO, your passport and probably another 20 or so places. Order an Easy Name Change kit and get a ready to send notification for Medicare and the ATO name change form.

Do you have a change in circumstances?

A change of name often coincides with a change of circumstances or living arrangements so your payments may be impacted. When you visit Centrelink to request your name change be sure to explain any change in circumstances. This may prevent an over or underpayment.

Can you make a Centrelink claim in your former name?

Perhaps you don’t have the time to line up at Centrelink to request your name is changed? Or you may have changed names in a number of places except for Centrelink. Can you still make a claim? Yes, if your name change involves adding or removing your spouse’s surname you can make a Centrelink claim in either name. That’s because a married name is an assumed name, meaning your birth name and your married name are both yours to use for the rest of your life, regardless of your personal situation. You can make a claim with Centrelink using the name that Centrelink currently has on file. Be sure your bank details are current, and this can be easily changed online through the Centrelink Plus app. You can then update your name once wait times are reduced.

If you have legally changed names you have renounced the right to be known by your former name so you should follow the steps to have your name updated with Centrelink as soon as possible. Speak with Centrelink for more information.

Questions about changing names?

Easy Name Change is Australia’s leading name change expert. We know all the tricky details of the name change for every situation. Our ready to send forms, letters and emails save customers an average of 8 hours. No wasted time on hold. Just sign and send!

What about myGov?

myGov pulls your name from the first module linked, and you may not recall which module this was. All myGov-linked modules need to be in the same name. Where one module has a different name it will eventually be unlinked. You won’t be able to link it back until the names match.

Ready to change your name now?